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Strange problems are occurring with my iPhone 4. For lack of a better term, I'm losing the cell signal. Apple has replaced my iPhone 4 once and I've been using a non Apple Bumper case since I got the iPhone 4 on July 1st.

Once or twice a day, the iPhone will just lose connection with the cell signal. I know this happens because no phone calls and text messages can be sent or received. I have to power off/on the iPhone and then I will receive text messages that were piling up and can make a call. This happens at numerous locations (work, home, Best Buy, Kroger, Target, etc). The cellular bars are always showing as strong when I notice the problem.

I've done two factory restores, one on each phone, and the problem continues. I've ordered the Belkin case through Apple's case program and will try it when I receive it. I'm running iOS 4.0.1.

If my iPhone 4 continues the lost cell problem with a different case, than I would assume it's an iOS issue.

Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

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    I have been having the same problem. I keep having to shut down the phone in order for it to find the cellular signal again. it is very frustration because I keep missing phone calls and text messages. The other thing that seems to work is to put it in airplane mode then turn airplane mode off and it will reacquire the cell signal.

    If it keeps happening I'm going to reset the iphone within iTunes and see if that helps. It has only started happening after the 4.0.1 update.
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    I think it has to do with the upgrade to 4.0.1. I bet you had better "service" with 4.0, didn't you?
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    Hmmm...good question. I don't remember.

    Does anyone else remember if your problems started after you updated to 4.0.1?
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    For me it seemed to start after the upgrade to 4.0.1
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    I am having the SAME PROBLEM!

    I called Apple yesterday and they told me that if I had full bars (5) before the 4.0.1 upgrade and was now showing 2 or 3 bars that I was actually getting "full" bars. I have no idea what Apple is doing with this.

    FIX IT!
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    Something is definitely amiss. Too many people on forms with this problem. If I could downgrade to iOS 4.0, I could test for a couple weeks. Although it wouldn't take long to see if iOS 4.0 worked because I routinely get bumped off the cell signal once or twice per day. It appears to happen when text messages come in or go out. I can't find any pattern. Wish I could duplicate it for Apple.
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    I ran into something similar while on vacation recently, and a few times did the airplane mode on/off to force it to reacquire---but it was not something that I had noticed happening at home at all. A friend with a 3GS also noticed it---again, not a problem noticed at home. So it may be specific to place (this was Maui).

    I would report it to AppleCare (either phone or Genius Bar) to ensure it gets logged and tracked.
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    Update...I spoke to Apple yesterday and 30 minutes later the Apple tech called AT&T. AT&T did some things I don't fully understand. AT&T "reset" my account and also "tweaked" my IMEI number within their system.

    Again, I have no idea what this means. That said, for the past 24 hours I haven't had the problem at all, but then again, I'm not 100% convinced the problem was solved. More time will tell. I'll report back here after a few more days.

    If someone is interested, I'll be happy to call the AT&T tech and ask him specifically what he did.