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Hi all ... I have seen a couple of other posts on this topic but my situation seems a little different, so here goes for a new thread.

I have just set up my new iPhone 4 32GB, including my POP/SMTP email account. Receiving mail worked instantly but I have not yet managed to get Sending mail to work.

First time I set up the account I did not enter any username or password for the SMTP server as these are indicated as "optional". Kept getting a message saying that iPhone could not connect to the SMTP server, so went back in and added the username and password (same as POP server). iPhone then took an age to connect but seemed to be sending mail (displayed a "Sending mail" message + progress bar at the bottom of the screen). However sending mail systematically failed, with the unsent messages remaining in the Outbox.

Tried deleting and reinstalling the account - this time added the username and password for the SMTP account at the outset. Am now getting the "connection to the SMTP server failed" messages again !!!

Any further suggestions as to what I might try to troubleshoot this would be much appreciated ... this is a basic POP/SMTP mail account that I have been using for many years without issues.

As you'll have gathered my technical know how is near-zero!

many thanks in advance

iMac, iOS 4, 32 GB
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    Is your account tied to a cable provider? If so, and in some other cases too, you cannot send via their smtp unless you are connected to their network using wifi at home or with a web connection vs. POP. I use authSMTP for that reason when I travel or send via 3G or EDGE.

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    Many thanks Phil, I'll look into it in more depth using your advice.
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    Did you find a resolve to this?.

    I'm having the same problem.

    Strange this is, I sync'd my Iphone 4 to the mac - which basically took all the info that was on my Iphone 3GS, and 99% of it was fine - however now i'm having this not being able to send mail issue. It was working fine on the 3GS - presumably with the same settings?
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    Sorted it

    after reading other threads - the one that worked was:
    change your password in gmail etc
    delete the email account off your phone
    start a new email account on your phone with the new password
    works a treat!
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    Hello Dave. I'm not far from you - I live in Fleet.

    I think the difference between your situation and mine is that I'm using an email service from a cable provider (Virgin Media) whereas yours is from Google (Gmail). Virgin Media appear to have put restrictions on using their SMTP server via other means than their own network. Gmail's network is the internet, and no restrictions for accessing them via a 3rd party like a telco network.

    I've actually fixed my problem by setting up a gmail account in order to use the gmail smtp server for outgoing mail!

    However I've also posted the queries on the virgin media website and I'll post any responses here as well.
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    *Confirmation from Virgin Media: this is from their help forum*

    +Re: NTLWorld Email / Iphone problems - was working and suddenly stopped!+

    +on 29-08-2010 15:36+

    +Hi Cjexpat,+

    +I'm afraid it is not possible to use smtp.ntlworld.com from anything other than a Virgin Media connection, as such we can only recommend that you speak to orange to see if you are able to use their SMTP servers from your mobile.+

    +Peter Rafferty+

    +Help and Support Forum Team+

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    I was also having this problem, but just added the optional user name and password under SMTP. Also made sure password was checked under authentication. So far this seems to be working!
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    All, thank you very much for this.  I had suffered from this issue on my iPhone 3GS sporadically before recently upgrading to an iPhone 4S.  That was fine until just over a week ago.  I had. It been able to find any solution u til this thread.


    I managed to resolve it immediately by adding the username & password into the SMTP server settings.  All is working find now.  So a big thank you.

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    IIf emails don't send boot settings, mail contacts etc, the account, the SMTP server, change socket to 587.

    goto mail , send a message. It will fail. Go to settings repat steps change server port back to original setting then hit done. Email now WORKS"!

    hee Hee. ******* apple! Got to love 'em -STOP ******* CHANGING THINGS!!!!!!