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I have completed a project in iDVD and I want to pass along a complete copy (with assets) to a colleague. I thought the easiest way would be to create an archived copy and burn it to a disc but when I do this and try to open it on another computer I get the message "File Not Writable" and "can't be opened." I assumed it was a permissions problem but I can't figure out how to change the permissions. In System Preferences my File Sharing is on but that's under Network so I don't think it is relative. I can't find anything in iDVD preferences. When I use the "Get Info" option from Finder my Sharing & Permission area states I have custom access and the only options for sharing with "Everyone" are "Read Only" or "None."

I've run some searches but no luck as yet. Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi alice_srq

    Welcome to apple discussions. An archive of an iDvd project is done normally to an external HDD or to another mac and only when you plan to make further modifications to an existing project. Pretty hard to do that on a locked device like a dvd (which is write at once). So copy the archived iDvd project file to the mac's internal hard drive / boot volume you plan to launch iDvd from (assuming the target mac also has the very same version of iDvd). Should work fine once copied to the boot volume but if not just come on back.