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Hi, I am facing a situation where the sound of the iPhone 4 periodically 'dies', i.e., it becomes so low as to be inaudible. The way out is to shut down the iPhone and restart. Is this a hardware or software bug? I have tried everything: reinstalling the software, re-setting the iPhone, and so on. I am not sure if this is related to using Skype on the iPhone because I had a Skype call prior to the sound going 'dead' but I cannot confirm if it always the case. Appreciate your comments and suggestions.

iPhone 4 32 GB, iOS 4, Running Skype on the iPhone
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    I had a very similar problem to what you describe here and I can confirm that in my case it WAS Skype.

    What was happening to me was that the bottom speaker was not working and all of the sound, including iPod music was coming out the ear speaker. After reading your post I looked at what was running and Skype was active. I shut it down and all my issues were solved.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks. Hope we can get Skype to rectify this problem once we have more reports.
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    After running Skype 2.1.0 and the person puts the call down, all sounds only come out of the ear speaker. Using the multi-tasking shortcut and closing Skype results in the normal functioning of all the speakers.

    Forum post on the Skype forums can be seen here: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=659433

    Thankfully they are aware of the issue:

    Tero Hurskainen wrote:
    It seems that the new backgrounding behaviors still need some tweaking by both Apple and 3rd party developers. The interactions have suddenly gotten quite complicated.
    We suspect that this is the work of a volume control flag which is handled in different ways in different apps. Some scenaria produce this effect and we're looking for a proper way to make it behave. It may be something that Apple needs to set the rules for in a different way.
    We're on it and will change it for the better in the next release.

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    I confirm I have the same problem. After the last update, it doens't happens so often as before, but it still happens, and every time I use skype and then I put the Iphone on sleep, I have to check tht the click is clearly udible. Hope this problems gets solved quickly
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    I got new Iphone 4 - no skype and sound dissapeared just in the shop on testing, they changed to another one and when tested again - it make one melody then got silent again. but luckily after restart it worked... when I come home it got silent again - I just restarted - doesnt help - I will try more.... but I think this is not normal

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    I got sound back without restart - it just went standby and when I opent it I hear sound again?> any ideas from apple please