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I am trying to sync my iphone 3g to my computer and during install it is giving me a itunes.msi error - it is telling me that the path i have chosen is not valid. I have tried to delete itunes and all componants however it will not let me delete anything either - any suggestions? I have had no luck with apple customer service - Please, anyone, any help will be appreciated. It gives me an error that says the feature I am trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable and then it tells me to chose a different path.

Windows XP
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    The fix for years on this error used to be using the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility as mentioned in this older thread

    Unfortunately MS has pulled it from their website. So unless you are lucky enough to have downloaded that tool before it was pulled, you need a new plan.

    Other folks have mentioned using a program named Revo Uninstaller with success, to do the same thing the MS tool was doing.

    Good luck!
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    I download revo unistaller.... but when I run the program... it seems like I don't have the itunes installed anymore... when I go to control panel.. itunes is still there...