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when i try to download things from the app store i get the message "verification required to continue purchase" and then i do and it keeps asking for it over and over

Windows 7
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    I receive the same message. However, it only happens when I am trying to update my applications. I can download from the app store with no problems. I also have an ipad that contains the same applications (as Ipad allowed me to download when I first connected it to Itunes).
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    Trying to update facebook app, I keep getting "Verification Required". I log in and verify my information, and then it asks me again and again and again, never updating the app.

    I have deleted all my payment information, I have changed my password, I have updated my iphone OS, I have logged out of itunes and logged back in again, and I have rebooted.

    seriously, what the heck?
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    Same issue for me. I see lots of people posting this issue on the forums and no fixes. Mine is 1 up though...

    I try to update apps from the iPhone, and keep getting the verify account prompt... I enter my password, and it just repeatedly asks for my account password. Sometimes it switches from my account to my bf's account and repeats back and forth, never actually signing in. I don't understand why his account is saved to my iPhone, he hasn't used my mac or itunes in over a year. I have tried re-syncing and making sure only my account is logged in at the time on my mac... same issue.

    occasionally when i get past the password prompt i verify the account... repeatedly enter my CC security code cause i see it is blank, click 'done' and then just go back to the same **** again, repeatedly. Signed into my account from the macbook, updated CC info from there, synced, same ****.

    I also said screw it, will just update the apps from the mac and sync it... but they won't update. I see there are updates available, but when i try to update, they just don't. this is driving me insane.
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    I am having exactly the same problem, but only discovered this yesterday when I tried to update a free app.

    Every time I tried to update the app it asked for verification and had to log into my account which said it had been accessed by a different device. I also noticed that it was asking for my CC security code so I put this information in, and it then promptly sent me back to the App Store. Thinking it was fixed I tried to update the App again, and again it asked for verification so again I went into my account and reentered the CC details and the Security code, then when I did this it immediately took me back to the App Store and it went on and on over and over. Then I checked my bank account a short while ago and iTunes have taken $6 out of my account (6 x $1) which seems to be everytime I verified.

    I have no problems updated from my Mac PC or purchasing music from my PC, just from my iphone 3GS.

    I have sent an email to Apple which I have copied and pasted here and so I have to wait 48hrs to see what they say now. I'll keep you updated.

    The Email ....
    Yesterday I was trying to update my free apps on my iPhone 3GS. I received a pop-up message saying

    "verification required - before you can make purchases, you must tap continue to sign in then verify your payment info".

    So I tapped continue, it then took me to my account and it said that my account had been accessed from a different device and it was also asking me to enter my credit card security code, therefore I did this and pressed Done and I was then promptly redirected back to the Apps Store where I tried again to update the same App. It then took me through the above same verification steps again, then again and then again. Infact everytime I try to update an app I have to verify my account which I try to do but it does not work, the app does not update, and then when I checked my bank statement today I have been CHARGED $1 for EVERYTIME I entered my security code to verify my account which was at least 6 times, that is $6 in money taken from my bank account which apple have taken out of my bank account for nothing.

    This seems like a massive security breach to me and I still can not update my apps from my iPhone without going round in circles through this verification process. Fortunately, I have no problems updating and download via iTunes on my Mac PC.

    Can someone please help and refund the money back to my account. I have also noticed from Forums and discussion boards that I am not alone with this problem.

    I look forward to your reply and your help resolving this issue.

    Kind regards
    Amanda Jones
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    This is getting old!!!! I'm continuously asked to verify my billing information when trying to update free apps. What's worse, I have to use the wrong county every time it asks me to validate it for tax purposes. The correct county won't take. Please fix this.

    Message was edited by: Rino Had to delete a three letter acronym for "what the f-word". Sorry for typing three letters that refer to an expletive, but I'm really frustrated by this problem.
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    I too am caught in an INFINITE LOOP where it asks me for my password and to verify my billing info, then asks me again and again, I cannot download any apps or update any apps.

    Just spent 30 minutes waiting to talk with tech support (after purchasing Apple Care) and they told me that I have to address this with the Itunes support, who do not have a phone number. On the Itunes support page there is a picture of a phone and it says "support is available by phone".
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    Hi, I have just encountered the same problem as you re verification. I did NOT verify as I should not have to - it is free! I connected to itunes, I uninstalled the free apps and installed the latest versions of the free apps. They are on my iphone and no pesky reminder about updating the apps. Convoluted and unnecessary I agree but better than waste time trying to get money back that was illegally taken in the first place. Apple needs to fix this as a matter of urgency.
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    Hi Amanda,

    I have exactly the same problem.
    What reply did you get from Apple about being charged $1 all the time.

    Thank you very much

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    Just in case any of you are expecting a response from Apple
    Please be aware this a User to User Forum there is no-one from Apple here
    well not in any Apple capacity that is.

    You will have to find another route to complain
    Customer services in your Country would be a good start