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One brilliant guy came up with this solution in this forum and has worked on 5 straight PC's. The thing is, I found another thread that helped also. In addition to this, if you are getting the Apple Sync Error, or still have problems after doing this procedure, go into uninstall programs and remove the MobileMe application. It is appearing to be a major contributor to the errors with Apple Sync! Thank you for your help guys!!!!!!

Okay, we're going to uninstall both iTunes and Apple Application Suppport this time. When we reinstall iTunes, that should reinstall Apple Application Support as well. We'll take a few additional explicit precautions along the way too. Best to print these instructions out, because at one stage of proceedings you won't be able to use a web browser.


Download and save a fresh 64-bit iTunes installer to your hard drive. (Don't run the install on line and don't start the iTunes install just yet.)


Now, quit QuickTime (if you have that open) and Safari 4.0.4 (if you have that installed and open). Both applications use Apple Application Support, and they will interfere with the uninstall if you have them open.

Uninstall phase

Head into your "Uninstall a Program" control panel. Uninstall iTunes. Uninstall Apple Application Support.

(From this point on until we reinstall Apple Application Support, neither QuickTime nor Safari 4.0.4 will be able to run.)

Next we'll remove any leftover program files and folders.

(1) Open "Local Disk (C:)" or whichever drive your program files are stored on.
(2) Open the "Program Files (x86)" folder.
(3) Right-click on the iTunes folder (if it still exists) and select "Delete".
(4) Staying in Program files (x86), find and open the "Common files" folder.
(5) Open the "Apple" folder.
(6) Right-click on the Apple Application Support folder (if it still exists) and select "Delete".

Now empty your Recycle Bin and restart the PC.

Reinstall Phase

After the PC restarts, do not open any other applications. Disconnect from your network and/or the internet. Switch off all your security software (firewall, antivirus and antispyware).

Now start the install by doubleclicking the iTunes64Setup.exe file you downloaded earlier.

Reenable all security software prior to reconnecting to your network and/or the internet.

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