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I will shortly be purchasing the newly announced MacPro. I have an issue on my current PowerMac which causes the Boris Title 3D to crash final cut express 4.0 whenever it is used. I have read a lot about the issue online and it appears to be caused by a font, after hours of testing and trying my fonts I have been unable to locate the culprit.

When I purchase my new MacPro I will want to transfer my font collection over to the new machine, however in doing this will I also be transferring the issue which causes Boris Title 3D to crash FCE?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

PowerMac G5 Quadcore, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi -
    Couple of things - you should do a clean install of FCE on your new computer. You should also upgrade to the latest version of FCE after doing the install (4.0.1).

    The font problem with Boris has been often associated with the fonts Microsoft loads in when you install Microsoft Office.

    Boris introduced a little know up date to Boris Title 3D (which is actually Boris Calligraphy) for Final Cut Studio 2 and Studio 3 users which addressed this problem.

    You might want to contact Boris and see if this update can be applied to the version of Boris in FCE.

    Also - did you trash the Boris Title 3D preferences?

    Users>Library>Preferences>com.borisfx.Title 3D

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have 4.01 of Final Cut Express installed, my mistake.

    I downloaded the Calligraphy update and installed it, sadly the problem persists. I think you are spot on when saying the problem is caused by the fonts windows installs. Would finding mac versions of the same fonts be helpful? I noticed Calibri is often problematic when used with Boris Title 3D.

    Also, would updating to Final Cut Pro help sort out this issue?
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    No, it's exactly the same in this regard.
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    I read online that uninstalling Microsoft Office 2008 fully and then custom re-installing it (and not including the option to install Microsoft fonts) may sort out this issue. I will test this and report back.
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    I bought my new computer, installed Final Cut along with Microsoft Office. During the Office installation I chose "Custom Install" and made sure that anything associated with fonts was not going to be installed. I am very pleased to say that the error causing Final Cut to crash when certain office-associated fonts were used is no more. Un-installing and re-installing office (minus the fonts) should sort this problem out for anyone who has issues with Final Cut Express or Pro crashing when certain fonts are used.
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    I should point out the original problem did crop up again, even though I hadn't installed the fonts when installing Microsoft Office. I went to the Boris FX website and downloaded an update called "Calligraphy 2.2 Update" which fixes the issue surrounding the Microsoft fonts. The update fixed the issue and it has not happened to me since. Problem solved.