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Im trying to update my iPhone 3 with my iMac computer. When I click "update" I keep getting two pop ups.
The first one says:
"There are purchased items on the iPhone "Tiffany iPhone" that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?"
I have synced my phone in every way possible to my computer and it keeps telling me this.

When I hit continue to go ahead and ignore this warning the next pop up says this:
"Updating to iOS 4.0.1 will delete all media including iTunes Store purchases. To preserve your media, apply this update to the computer where you sync music, videos and photos. Updating on this computer will only preserve apps, contacts, calendars, text messages, and other settings. Please do not interrupt the update, which may take an hour or longer to complete. iTunes will verify the software update with Apple."

What does all of this mean? Do I go ahead and continue on and update? I am not computer smart. PLEASE HELP!


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)