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I've recently had my Dell reimaged and erased because of hardware and software problems, but I backed it up so I loaded all of my documents back onto my laptop. I tried to install iTunes and it stopped and said the feature(Bonjour) i was trying to use was on a network resource that was unavailable. So then I tried to uninstall the Bonjour program in the Control Panel and then it couldn't because the installation package couldn't be found. I've already tried using msconfig to delete it but it didn't work, i could really use some help!!!

Dell, Windows XP
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    Did you get any results as I have the same problem?
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    No i still haven't find a way, but if you do keep me posted
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    I have the same issue. Has anyone come up with a solution to fix the problem?

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    REALLY need help on this one. I updated my iphone but I cant use it because I need to update Itunes, and it keep screwing up because of bloody Bonjour! Not Happy
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    Curious to know if you have yet found a fix to remove the bonjour error and install itunes, or do you have any possible work-around? I cannot use my ipod or at least download any new music until I can access itunes.
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    I'm having the exact same problem! I can't download itunes 10 bc I can't uninstall bonjour...and I can't uninstall bonjour because I can't find it!
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    When I received notice to update my iTunes to version 10, I ran into the error message about Bonjour and not having access to the folder. I solved it by:
    1. Uninstalling iTunes
    2. Uninstalling QuickTime
    3. Uninstalling Bonjour, or trying to. When I couldn't, I deleted the Bonjour folder in C:\Programs.
    4. I downloaded all three programs from the Apple site to my desktop.
    5. I rebooted my computer.
    6. I installed Bonjour.
    7. I installed QuickTime.
    8. I installed iTunes.
    All my music was still there and everything is working well. I think it helps to uninstall and install the programs in the above order.
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    same exact problem!
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    OK i had the same problem y'all had. Me and my friend spent hours trying to figure it out before giving up. Today i spent another hour or two on it w/ no success. While still trying to figure it out my computer started being uncooperative and not closeing a tab i wanted it to. I decided to just use task manager to close it and save time. While on task manager it hit me that if bonjour was running then all i had to do was find it on task manager and turn it off...simplist solution in the world. Took me about 30seconds. so much wasted time >.<
    1. Ctrlaltdelete
    2. start windows task manager
    3. go to the processes tab
    4. scroll down till you find bonjour
    5. select bonjour and click the end process button at the bottom
    6. feel dumb for wasteing so much time on something so simple
    hope it helps
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    Having the same problem. One day I plugged in my ipod tounch into my laptop to charge and a message came up saying to update itunes. I did that, an error message came up saying can't replace the older version of bonjour. I tried to uninstall it in the control panel, but it said it doesn't exist. After a while I gave up and unplugged my ipod and it ended taking all of my apps and music off my ipod. Now I don't have anything on my ipod anymore. Really need help to get this fix!
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    Go to this website to fix it: www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/02/10/how-to-uninstall-or-remove-bonjour-mdns responderexe/ I just found this website, I followed the instructions and I was able to delete the bonjour file. It is really simple to do. Hope it will work for you guys. My ipod is working fine now.

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    im having the same problem. i cant do anything with my ipod touch. i dont even have itunes at all bcause of it. ive tried all 3 suggestions on here and they all fail miserably.
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    As suggested in other posts,unistall everything you can apple, I forgot MobileMe and thats where I was stuck. Download a copy of the windows installer cleanup utility, remove anything and everything still showing apple, use the posted way to remove the Bonjour folder by changing the file to .old. I had to do this a few times to insure everything apple was gone. I don't know if this was what helped but I ran a registry cleaner to insure all items everywhere were deleted or fixed. After doing all of this over a few days I tried for the 15th time to install Itunes and it worked. Nice work apple, thanks for you lack of support. Thanks to all of you for your comments.