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Can any one help how to get rid of contacts from Iphone which keep on coming back after syncing.

iphone, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10
    Are the contacts in question in a supported application on your computer? If so, that is why they keep coming back. Delete the contacts in question on your computer.
  • Hi100 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks a lot for replying. No these are just simple contacts which I entered via my iphone then it was synced with computer and later i wanted to get rid of these but when ever I sync the iphone all of these come back.

    How can I delete these from computer when itunes does not have any contact folder??
  • LonePar Level 1 Level 1
    If your using a Mac then the contacts are saved in Address Book. Depending on how you sync the contacts regardless of whether they are created on your iphone or computer should dissapear when deleted.

    From memory in Windows there is a Contacts folder in your My Computer folder so i guess they would be saved there.

    I had exactly this issue a couple of weeks back - around the time I upgraded to OS4.

    I sync using mobileme and I when I connected up my iphone to itunes I ended up with a ton of old contacts back on my phone - some of which I deleted months ago and were never on my iphone in the first place (but were on address book)!

    I also know for a fact that those deleted contacts were not present in Address Book at the time of the iphone duplication so it couldnt have been because they were on AB but not on my iphone - so I have spent a while going through all my contacts and deleting the duplicate contacts of those I used and completely deleting up to 3 of each contacts i no longer use and deleted months ago!
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    Thanks Lonepar, what you have mentioned happened to you is exactly my problem as well. I have sony Vaio but there is no address book in my computer, is there any other way to find the address book. Before iphone I had Nokia E90, could the Nokia suite be causing this trouble and if yes how can I get rid of it as my wife is still using that Nokia so can not get rid of the Nokia soft ware !!!. I will be grateful for your help.