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Since upgrading my phone to IOS4 last month, I have had no end of issues from a phone that worked fantastic for the last 12 months!

At first, I kept losing the phone carrier and this would occur for upto an hour at a time with the phone getting no signal. No amounts of reboots helped, it would simply find the carrier when it wanted. This seems to have settled down, since 4.1 was released but has happened occasionally since.

There are 2 main issues now.. Poor battery life and intermittent crashes!
Prior to the upgrade, I would charge my battery early morning and go to work on a full charge. If i didn't overly use my phone, the charge could last upto 2 days. However at my normal useage, by bed time the phone would have just under 50% charge left.

Since the upgrade, my phone has lost 50% of its charge by midday. It is now 13:30 and the battery indicator is showing around a 3rd of it'c charge left.
The next big issue is, the phone intermitantly hangs/crashes - black screen with apple logo. It takes around a minute to restart. This can happen any time, making a call, scrolling thru apps, starting an app.

I have reported it to Apple and so far had to blow away my settings and the ios4 update on ITUNES and down load again, the latest upgrades. Disappointingly, this resulted in me losing all my apps. So had to spend an age down loading them all again, but I had a clean version of the os and firmware on the phone. However, the same issue exists.

2nd call to Apple and they now want me to create a new user account, setup itunes on that and blow away the phone again and sync up to a new clean version. This will again result in me losing all my apps, but as I am 30 days out of warranty, I must do this first before they will consider anything else.
I will attempt this tonight, however I am not holding out much success.
I am guessing from the threads this looks to be a common issue.. so any suggestions?

3GS, iOS 4
  • Tigertone Level 1 (15 points)
    Has no one else experienced this?
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    Yes, I have the same problem primarily when I am using Pandora. My phone will freeze and I have to reboot and it takes a long time (4-5 minutes) for Apple logo to disappear and phone start to work. Apparently a lot of user have the same problem after updating the software.
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    My phone does the same. Took it to an apple store...no real answers, then rang O2.....I restored the phone as advised, and it still crashes during calls. So they are sending me a sim card. If that doesnt work, they say it is the phone.....funny how problems have only occured since downloading the latest iphone software a couple of weeks ago..........I to am just over a month outside of my warranty.......it is very disappointing after a year of a fantastic phone.....I hope it gets sorted out!!!!!
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    I have basically the same issues. It all started after upgrading and what a cooincidence, my phone just WENT OFF WARRANTY! Could this be a design flaw to get us to upgrade to a new phone?? Hmmmm.....
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    I'm having the same problems after a year of zero issues. Installed iOS4 a month ago and started seeing apps crash but then full on reboots. I'm starting to wonder if it's battery related, and here's why.

    Today my iPhone 3GS would not only crash, but go dark in several different apps. I was using Safari, Maps, Email and Facebook. It probably crashed 12 times in 40 minutes. Several times it would go through the start-up sequence with the apple on the screen and then as it flashed to my home screen with the "slide to unlock" visible, it would crash as it was trying to identify 3G signal/service. This happened several times. I finally plugged the iPhone in to power and then it started working just fine and would not crash while plugged in. The battery was at about 80% when this was all happening.

    This was the worst yet, but I've been having consistent problems. Very frustrating.

    Glad this thread is up here. I'm seriously hoping we can see a solution soon.d
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    I appreciate the feedback.. Have done what Apple recommended, which was to create a new user account on my home PC and reset the phone and sync it all again. Will test this throughout the day, however I fail to see how it is a proper test. As I have no music and no apps running? Therefore the phone is doing nothing other than being a phone and if that's what I wanted, I would not have bought an iphone!!

    I think Apple need to address this whole warrenty issue. Getting only a years warrenty and then releasing a new phone and software an exact year later is quesitonable!! For the money these phones cost, I expect a bit more than a simple year!
  • Tigertone Level 1 (15 points)
    Latest update.. Phone has crashed several (and no that is not an exaggeration) times this morning and my battery has about 30% left. Therefore it took my battery circa 6 hours to use 70% of it’s charge.

    During this morning the only app I have downloaded was Facebook (as I needed something to test).

    So to sum up, I have a totally clean phone, with no music or videos and only one app installed and it still crashes and battery is running out.

    Spoke to Apple, they have asked me to take it to one of their stores tomorrow for further review/replacement. Will see what the outcome is..
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    I am very glad to have come across this topic. For 3 weeks I thought I was the only one having these issues. This is my topic I created: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2529867&stqc=true

    I have the exact same problems as you, the only difference being I have an iPhone 4. I have had 2 replacements since, and they are all experiencing the exact same problems as you.

    I am now starting to think it is a virus? or corrupt file? I was going to try and use a clean iPhone now, no data what-so-ever. But you said you have done this and are still having the same problems.

    I am quite frustrated, this is my first iPhone and I have had endless problems for 3 weeks. If you have any news please let me know. I am attempting to restore it from a different computer now.... I'll keep you updated.
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    Yes .. all the issues you report are the same here.

    My phone (3GS 32GB) was PERFECT on OS3.x .. now it is pretty much unuseable on iOS4.1 .

    It crashes over a dozen times a day - at any time (usually when on call)- it NEVER did this on OS3.

    It loses all signal (Data / Voice/ Bluetooth / Wifi / 3G ) for several seconds (cutting you off from anything you were doing) ... It seems to drop a call in every call I make. (Signal disappears ... sometimes comes back in a couple of seconds .. sometimes doesen't)

    Bluetooth - connects up (to car kit) then just disconeects at a random time interval later with for no reason.

    WiFi - just drops the connection every so often.. then won't connect back automatically. (No it's not the router - it does it at home and in the office)

    iOS4.01 has basically turned what was a perfect phone running OS3.x ... into something unuseable.

    - As I use this phone for business - this is a really big issue.

    Haven't really noticed the battery life issue ... I've been too preoccupied with dropped calls and crashes ...

    Why won't Apple implement an optional roll-back to OS3.x ?? ... "Resetting Factory Settings" does nothing to help the issue.

    I am so very very angry about this ... I see there are lots and lots of people experiencing this issue...

    Time to go to press with it methinks... -- Only because Apple appear to be denying the whole thing. Maybe some good TV coverage will wake them up.
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    My 3gs also has a problem with the occasional crash but the most unusual result the Iphone is unable to recieve audiobooks form Itunes on my laptop and audible. However I can download them directly from the Audible app on my phone.
  • Tigertone Level 1 (15 points)
    Latest update - progress made!!

    Visited the apple store today and upshot is, they are going to replace my phone with a new one!! Unfortunatly they had none available at the time, so one has been ordered.

    Obviously I still don't know if this is a permanent solution until I test the new one, but as I am over a month out of my years warrenty, I am happy for the minute they are taking my issues seriously.

    For what it's worth, if your phone is crashing a lot I would recommend the following..

    Turn off all unneeded push's
    Set mail to grab every half hour or longer
    when not needed, turn of 3gs.

    Before someone moans at me, I do not think you should have to do this but it may help your phone until you get a resoltion.
  • Tigertone Level 1 (15 points)
    Thought I would post an update for anyone who followed this thread.

    New phone appeared to be working ok, battery was improved but still not as good as prior to the upgrade - my conclusion is IOS4 kills the battery quicker regardless of what Apple say.

    The crashing has also been reduced and only occurs when there are multiple applications open. It certainly is no where near as bad as it was, but again the multiapp is affecting the phones performance.

    main issue now, is my phone keeps dropping it's 3G connection. So having to relog the issue with Apple and spent the last 2 days, resetting the phone (again and again) and having to re-sync it all.

    Looks like Apple will have to replace the replacement!!