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Chris Gault Level 1 (15 points)
has anyone had any success with this d-link dir-615 router? the best i can get is 512k-1mps down with the following settings:

qos off
g only (mixed are slow and B is a little faster but too slow for my other computers)
wpa2 (tkip and AES)
channel 11 (auto scan and all other channels are really slow)

this is my 3rd router i have tried and am getting really ****** ... ipad screams at the apple store and runs pretty ok on Panera's free wifi which is the 3rd party that the "genius" tested it on)... apple store suggested i buy their $300 apple airport router.

the new firmware did nothing for me

Apple has no fix except i should be using all Apple equipment which is so not going to happen.

Dell AMD Quad Phenom, Windows 7
  • OrangeMarlin Level 5 (5,145 points)
    You're not going to want to hear this, but you have one of the worst routers built. There are literally thousands of hits about lots of people who have issues with that router and lots of different devices, including the iPad. Maybe you don't want to buy a $300 AirPort, but then again what were your expectations on the $20 D-Link?

    Have you updated the firmware?

    I would still go with g/b mixed. Why would that be slow? I can't imagine a reason.

    Try this:

    802.11 Mode: Mixed 802.11g and 802.11b
    Enable Auto Channel Scan - Yes/checked
    Wireless Channel (currently) - 6
    Transmission Rate - Best/Automatic
    Visibility Status - Visible
    Security Mode - WPA - Personal
    WPA Mode - WPA2 Only
    Cipher Type - TKIP and AES
    Group Key Update Interval - 3600 sec. (default)

    Advanced Settings > QoS Engine…

    Enable Traffic Shaping - Yes/checked
    Automatic Uplink Speed - Checked
    Manual Uplink Speed - 256 kbps
    Connection Type - Auto Detect
    QoS Engine Setup…
    Enable QoS Engine - Off/unchecked

    Also, set a static internal IP address for the iPad.
  • Chris Gault Level 1 (15 points)
    thank you for your time and help.

    forgot to mention the firmware is the latest version

    changed everything back to your suggested setting ... told the router to reserve the IP address for the ipad and set the ipad to static ip and filled in the numbers.

    went down to about a 400k per minute download so no go.

    it's a $70 router that everything in the house works great with except the ipad. All 5 windows computers, my android phone, and my zune all use the wi-fi flawlessly. Apple is using some odd wifi protocol in the ipad that they aren't fessing up to. They had to know people would be using the iPad with normal spec'd routers ... they obviouosly didn't do any testing.

    like i said, thanks for you time and help.
  • OrangeMarlin Level 5 (5,145 points)
    Four million iPads sold so far. Even if a small percentage of those customers showed up here, you'd see tons of complaints about the iPad. Therefore, your conclusion that Apple is using some "odd WiFi protocol" or "they obviously didn't do any testing" is without merit, evidence, or support. In fact, you are just pulling some stuff out of your intestinal tract and making a specious claim just to feel better.

    Did you upgrade to iOS 3.2.1? That's supposed to fix WiFi issues with cheap routers.

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  • Chris Gault Level 1 (15 points)
    Wow ... You really have really drank the cool aid.

    I know 6 people who have bought an iPad and all 6 continue to have wifi issues connecting to normal access points. You say a small percentage are having wifi problems ... Most iPad owners probably own a lot of apple equipment already including airport units that the iPad is designed to work with so they aren't having issues. The mere mortals who own normal non apple sub $100 routers are the ones having issues.

    Of course I updated to the latest firmware on the iPad and my router. That's one of the first logical troubleshooting steps.

    Even a small percentage of 4 million users translates to thousands of users and this board is filled with tons of complaints of people having wifi issues. It's very clear that it's people using consumer grade routers that are having issues ... A very specific group of people. The problem exists, apple says it exists, and they tried to fix it with the update. For you to say I am pulling it out of my digest tract is just silly.

    If you are just going to troll on these boards you are not helping anyone.
  • lllaass Level 10 (175,857 points)
    I have an old LinkSys (now Cisco) b/g router. My iPad worked OK with it before the 3.2.1 update. With the update it works great.
  • deggie Level 9 (52,672 points)
    Try shutting down all your other devices except the iPad and see if it affects your speed. If you get faster results then the problem may be with the Dlink handling so many devices.

    Have you tried this iPad with other sites such as Starbucks, etc? If not, do so. If you get decent speed that points back to your router. If you have the same problem then you either need to Restore the iPad or have it serviced.

    I've lost track of how many different non-Apple hotspots I've connected to and I've not had that problem.
  • sergzav373 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello all,

    Is there any solution of the problem?

    My problem is the same: max speed on my iPad with DLink dir-615 is 16mb/s.
    Where is the declared 802.11n????


  • Viviknit Level 1 (0 points)
    Done all you said (and a lot more) and my iPad isn't working with D-Link.

    Any suggestionS for a router compatible with iPad wifi ?
  • Asatoran Level 4 (2,525 points)
    Viviknit wrote:
    Done all you said (and a lot more) and my iPad isn't working with D-Link.

    Does yours not work at all? Or is just slow like the OP?

    Any suggestionS for a router compatible with iPad wifi ?

    I have success with the D-Link DIR-825 That one is at my office. At home I have a Apple Airport Extreme and a Linksys WRT110. iPad working fine with all three.
  • Viviknit Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello Asatoran,

    even if a see the "signal" and have the good key, the iPad was not connected. I had the beautif iPad for Christmas and I'm desappointed in my utilisation because the wifi isn't working at home (but everywhere else it's ok : school, job, friends' home).

    Thanks Asatoran for the suggestion : I think I'll try the Apple Airport Express (if it's Ok with my old Dell 3100).
  • Coolpappa Level 1 (5 points)
    Get the d- link dir 655 $80 dollars
  • Millard Taylor Level 1 (15 points)

    While I had some initial issues between the iPad 2 & my dir-655, they've been resolved.  I've upgraded the router to 1.35NA (firmware) and turned off QOS.  My connections are stable and fast.  It's a pretty good router for the $$$.

  • Millard Taylor Level 1 (15 points)

    And I went to a static channel.  Forgot that part.

  • Macbookpro32 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a d-link dir-655 router and it works well with my ipad, imac and 3 other windows computers.

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