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I recently restored my computer, since then music is not syncing with iphone. I tried uninstalling and reinstallling itunes, tried to restore the phone, tried to sync only selected playlist from the music tab; when I do that either itunes would hang up or just music only wouldnt sync.

Any idesa what could be the problem.
Am I better off taking the phone with my computer to the apple store, can I expect any one to fix it there.

Dell Inspiron, iOS 4
  • Joe Z in VA Level 2 Level 2
    Be sure to setup your iTunes iPhone summary screen to sync everything:
    * Open iTunes
    * Plug in iPhone
    * Click on Music|Movies|TV Shows|Pictures|Apps|etc tabs on the far top
    * Checkbox 'Sync (All)' or selected syncs
    * Apply after all done

    Note on the summary screen you may wish to checkbox "Select checked songs and videos". Then go on "Music", "TV Shows", and "Movies" on the left pane. And check what you want to sync that doesn't go over 16GB/32GB capacity.