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I took my iphone out of its case the other day for a quick little wipe down and I noticed 2 little spots on the camera lens. So I rubbed it with a micro fiber cloth, but the spots remained. Out of curiosity I grabbed my high power magnifying glass for a closer look. Under magnification the coating appears to be bubbling up on those 2 spots. So far it is not effecting the picture quality since it is appearing around the edge by the bezel. My concern is that I have only owned the phone for about a week and a half. I remember this being a problem in the past with the coating wearing off on other models. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues with the iphone 4. I mean if they give me problems about getting a new one I can always return it and buy it again at another store. The phone has always been protected in a case since day one. I was actually thrilled with the new camera design with the lens being flush with the body for easy cleaning. Just wanted to see if anyone had similar issues or any advise.

hp, Windows Vista
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    My original iPhone (with metal back) had the lens coating flake off over time, but on the 3G and 3Gs models it never did that. So far, the iPhone 4 has not shown any flaking (or bubbling) in the coating and I use only the bumper case, so the lens is exposed.

    You may not see the effects of it missing or messed up until you get the right (or wrong) stray light hitting the lens and then it will show up as flare or ghosting. This is especially true with the higher quality of the new sensor.

    If you use the camera a lot and that feature is important to you, I'd seek advice direct from Apple (AKA: a replacement device).
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    Yeah I'm going to try to make an appointment to go in. I figure they probably won't give me a new one since the defect does not show in the picture quality yet. But as long as I can be assured that it will be properly handled in the future in case it does get worse. It may just be a manufacturing defect that will not get any worse. It's hard to say.