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Hi all,
I've just used voice memo to make a recording that turned out to be an hour and 20 mins long. When I select it in the voice memo list on the iphone I get the turning circle. And it won't download to my computer. Another recording I made earlier in the evening has downloaded fine. Anyone got any ideas how I can rescue the recording that won't play or download?

Power Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Update: When I switched the phone off and then on again the 1 hour 20 min recording appeared as 0 mins - nothing there. So I guess that's the end of that. But anyone know what went wrong? There's loads of spare space on my iphone. Was it just a random file corruption, or is there a known issue?
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    This happens to me too, and I read that entire thread, which seems to be a flurry of people with the same problem and no solution. I downloaded the iPhone Explorer, which seems to be the magical solution for many people, but all that has done for me is that it has allowed me to access the file on my iPhone - and it is still unplayable.

    The 50 minute memo from a lecture I attended last night shows as 0s in the memo list. If I press play, nothing comes out of the speakers. There is a slider on the bottom of the screen which shows the full 50 minutes, and I can slide the slider along, increasing and decreasing time, but no sound comes out. I can copy the file to my hard drive. I double click on it and an error message comes up - "Quicktime does not recognize this file." I can "Preview" it using iPhone explorer and no sound comes out.

    It's clear I'm not the only person who has this problem. Is there anyone who has an actual solution? Thanks in advance.