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whenever i try to press the home button to exit an application or to wake up the phone, nothing happens. the only way i can exit an app now is to completely turn the phone off and back on again. any reason why this is happening? or advice on how to fix it?

iphone 4
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    Make an appointment at an Apple store. I had the same issue with my iPhone 3G and they replaced it.
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    okay. did they replace it for free?
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    Your iphone 4 is under warranty, and if the home button isn't working out of the box, or stopped working at some point, it is a defect, and yes they should replace it with no cost.
  • cris1395 Level 1 (25 points)
    Yes they did.
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    okay awesome thank you both!
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    I had the same problem with my iphone 4, about 2 months before my warrantee ran out. When i booked an apointment at the genius bar they said they would have to wipe the phone first. So i had to go off because I didn't want to loose everything. So the warrantee ran out before getting around to it and still no fix, i thought it was going to be really hard to get my home button working again.


    I found a tutorial online for completely replacing it, i didn't want to mess around with vacume cleaners, wd40 or any simple fix because I didn't know exactly what it'd do. So i figured I'd buy a replacement home button. It was cheap as a can of wd40, and it took me about an hour to take the phone apart and replace the home button. It now works better than ever, I have to remind myself not to push the button so hard as it's so sensitive now.


    So I wanted people to know that these simple fixes really can't be guarenteed to work because we don't know the circumstances of the break. My love of my iphone has returned and it cost me chips to do.


    Like anything electrical, don't **** around and risk breaking things further, just replace it. Or pay for it to be repaired professionally.