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Hi all,

I've been using Logic Express 8 for about 2 years and I've got a pretty good handle on things. However I keep having this small little problem and usually restarting the software fixes it, but not this time.

My problem is this: I'm trying to make some beats using software instruments. So I click on "Drums and Percussion" then "Ultrabeat" then choose my drum kit. I start punching in my beats but Logic is playing some Apple Loop on top of it! Theres no notes on the track and yet it still plays this random beat! I can adjust the tempo and the beat adjusts to it.

The problem is there is nothing there. Its a blank track, but this beat keeps playing.

I used to just restart the program when it happened and it usually took care of it, however it won't fix it this time.

I know it's probably some check box I don't have clicked or something but if someone could help me out, I'd be very appreciative.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)