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I have about 140 gig of music on my imac. I have a big ipod classic and have no problems. My husband has an 8g ipod touch. Is there any other way to pick and save music for this little bugger other than going through the entire library and checking each song? This can take days with this much music.

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2nd gen ipod touch
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    It's easier to use playlists and select to sync only selected playlists to your husband's iPod (in the Music tab). You can use playlists you already have, or make a new playlist just for him. You can drag whole albums or individual songs to his playlists. You can easily change his playlists by adding or deleting songs at will without affecting your library. This avoids problems with unchecked songs not playing in iTunes or on your iPod Classic.