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I've received one iPad that has been used by one of my Staff Directors. Now this iPad is going to be used by another person, so like ever I've reseted all the content (data, configuration, etc), but now the iPad doesn't boot and it is all the time showing the apple logo (it seems that the reset was fine, at least the process bar arrived to completed it and the iPad rebooted itself).

My Macbook PRO doesn't recognize the iPad when I am connecting it by USB cable, I've tried to hard reset as well with the same result: iPad is freeze booting with the apple logo.

So I can't connect the iPad to my Mac, so my iTunes can't recover the iPad, with the hard reset I obtain the same result...

What can I do? Could you help me, please?

Thanks in advance,
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Macbook PRO + iPad 3G + MacMini + iPod Touch, iPhone OS 3.1.2