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I have sync'd bookmarks with explorer via itunes and used the replace iphone bookmarks with explorer bookmarks option.

However, when I type an address into iphone safari it suggests options which are not on the iphone bookmarks folder - how do I delete this residual bookmarks.

I have used all (I am pretty sure) iphone delete options - bookmarks, history, safari cookies & cache, nothing seems to get rid of them.

Iam using ios4.1 on an iphone 4, but also had this problem on my 3g using both ios 3 & 4

Don't want to have to resort to a restore, anyways believe that these orphan bookmarks would only return since that is how they got on the iphone 4 in the first place.

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, searched forums (and did google search) before posting but could find anything to help.

iphone 4, Windows 7
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    One more thing, through itunes I deselected sync bookmarks which gave me the option of removing all previously sync'd bookmarks from the phone - which I did.

    Now my bookmarks folder on the phone is empty, yet safari still auto-suggests sites when I begin to type an address.

    How do I clear this list of auto-suggested sites, whcih are all previously saved phone bookmarks?