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Recent 4.01 update stated that the sync timeout was increased to 240 seconds with Exchange servers. Prior to 4.01, there was a fix for iOS 4.0. According to the knowledge base site, http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3398, they state that with the update to 4.01, the profile can be removed as the default 240 seconds is now implemented. However, I'm still running into issues where my exchange email accounts (corporate and gmail) are getting stuck at Checking for Mail once again. The only temporary fix I have been able to do is reboot my phone. Is there a permanent fix to this issue available?



iPhone 3GS 16GB, iOS 4
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    Hi Saumil.
    I have the same problem than you exactly from the IOS 4.0 update. Sorry but after 4.0.1 the problem are still there, because the reason for it are the multitask... with this new possibility in the new 4.0 the Mail application are currently open and searchin for new messages continously...

    Exist a new notice for me.... If your mail server are empty of messages the iphone after a few seconds stop the sync. But if you have only one message in your mail server, your Iphone will be sync during hours until the end of your batery.
    Do you know if someone have our same problem? An solutions?
    Thanks and best regards.
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    Several people here at work are suffering from the same issue. And some friends of mine are having the same problems. Is there talks about a permanent fix being implemented in iOS 4.1?

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    I ma having the same problem. I have three email accounts (one exchange)and it happens at once with all of them. Could not figure out why it starts. Everything works fine after rebooting for a while and then all of a sudden when want to check my new messages in the inbox (any of accounts) it stucks and the sign keeps spinning endlessly. A turnoff/on is necessary to make it work again. several times per day.Frustrating,

    I restored the phone went up to 4.0.1, deleted all accounts and reinstalled them, but did not help at all.
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    I think I just solved the problem myself. Try this, go to settings/mail/ fetch new data push/ turn push on/ at the bottom of the page go to advanced and change everything to fetch. worked for me. remember I have already restored, deleted and reinstalled as per my previous post.
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    I'm not sure if that would apply to my situation. Fetch only means that it can check for mail periodically vs. using the Push which instantly alerts me of new mail as it arrives. If at all possible, I'd like to keep my exchange emails on push status.


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    Hi to all.
    Some days ago I change to fetch and it was not a solution for my problem.
    After too may changes in my Mail application, I´m absolutely sure that the only situation where Mail stop the sync is when my mail server has any new or old mail.
    I´ve two mail accounts, one is a POP account (hotmail) and another one is an IMAP account. Exist some post in this forum talking about the possibility that this is the real reason of the problem.....
    Thanks to all for your help.
    Best regards.
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    Thanks. My situation was slightly different, a 3g which had recently updated to IOS 4.1. Suddenly this evening, the mail app starting spinning aimlessly as the app allegedly searched for email. (Initially, it showed how many emails there were and how many unread, but showed no emails or synopses; but after reboots, it didn't even show even that.) I went into mail settings and turned push off and in mail settings/fetch new data/advanced set each account from fetch to manual. I immediately reset push on and and each account back to fetch. Miraculously, when I opened mail this time, there were the email listings as if they had already been loaded.

    I don't know whether this is another by-product of the buggy IOS or something completely different.

    At any rate this was my wife's iPhone. I am waiting with my identical iPhone to upgrade the IOS until Apple makes patches (including on the wonky calendar) or I give in.