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I have a 3GS that is currently running iOS/iPhone OS 3.1.2, and I would like to upgrade it to iOS 4. Unfortunately, this phone has not been backed up in quite some time and the computer it was originally synced to no longer exists. So, naturally, I'd like to back up all of the settings, data, apps, etc on the phone before upgrading.

However, when I plug the phone into the computer, iTunes recognizes it as if it were a new phone, just taken out of the box with no settings, data, etc. Instead of getting the normal "about this iPhone" screen in iTunes, I get a "setup a new iPhone" screen. This phone has been in use for about 9 months now and works perfectly fine. Previously, I was able to sync/backup/manage this iPhone on a different computer (the old one I mentioned above). When I set up the new computer, I transferred my iTunes library from the old computer to the new one, but it still won't recognize this iPhone as a normal, "already setup" iPhone.

I'm worried that if I proceed with the "setup a new iPhone" process, the phone will be wiped and I will lose all of my settings, data, apps, etc that have been accumulated since the last backup (many months ago), if I can even restore from that old backup anyway.

So, my question is: How can I bypass the "setup a new iPhone" screen and get iTunes to recognize this phone properly? I just want to be able to create a backup and upgrade to iOS 4, and then continue to use iTunes normally.

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iPhone 3GS, Windows XP Pro, Latest version of iTunes is installed