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I successfully paired my Jabra Halo headset with my iPad a few days ago. It worked wonderfully well for several days. Then I paired my headset with my MacBookPro just fine. I went to pair the headset back with my iPad, and now it won't pair with it. I have unpaired and turned off the Bluetooth on my MacBook and still my iPad will see but not connect to my headset. I have also turned the Bluetooth on the iPad on and off, as well as the headset. It doesn't matter what I do, when I turn Bluetooth back on for the iPad, it will see the headset, but the Wheel of Death just spins and spins and it never pairs. It doesn't even give me the option of putting the pairing code back in on the iPad. What do I do to re-pair the headset with my iPad??

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    Try repairing the iPad and headset by removing the existing pairing on the iPad then opening the jabra headset to turn it on and pressing the answer/end button for 4 seconds until the bluetooth light is glowing solidly then rescanning for devices on the iPad.
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    It won't let me remove the headset from the Bluetooth menu. The button "forget this device" is grayed out. When I turn Bluetooth off and back on again, it still lists the headset and still displays the Wheel of Death and still has the button grayed out. I cannot for the life of me figure out what else to do. I have never before had such a problem with an Apple product, and I've been a loyal user for over 15 years. Maybe I am missing an update for my iPad? Is there anyway to 'reset' the device?
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    Ok, so out of curiosity I plugged my iPad in to sync it. There were some updates, but none of them mentioned Bluetooth issues. I uploaded them anyway, the iPad rebooted, and when I went back into my Bluetooth settings on my iPad, The Wheel of Death was no longer spinning! Re-paired my headset, pushed the option on the iPad, and it FINALLY prompted for the pairing code and now my headset works again! Was it the reboot or the update? Not sure. But it works!
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    Same here. Jabra headset works Again here although i am pretty sure the microphone isn't picked up i think that is an iPad Bluetooth feature though...
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    I have a Jabra Halo and like it very much. I use it both with my iMac (late-2007 version) and my iPhone.

    iPad users will be much happier once Apple releases iOS 4 for the iPad. The Halo was WAY TOO LOUD with my phone and therefore nearly unusable for me until iOS 4 was released. It's now just as good with the phone as it is with the desktop Mac. iOS 4 includes a lot of Bluetooth audio improvements.
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    With the recent updates, the volume control from the headset seems to work with the iPad, but for some reason the multifunction button doesn't always pause/play music when you press it. Not certain why this is.

    Now that I understand the nuances of pairing and unpairing the headphones with both gadgets, I have not had any more issues with my laptop or my iPad picking up the Bluetooth connection. I love my Jabra Halo headphones and they sure were handy on my 10 hour airplane trip!