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my ISP blocks port 25, ok and no problem - not for the iphone.

When i change port 25 to 587 it checks the config - works.
After i gone back in the menu the account list, to save the settings, (still in the settings) and go again to the SMTP settings, port 587 has changed to port 25.

Using iOS 4.

Some ideas?
I think the "smash the iphone" method should be the best - self created SSL certs make some problems to the mail.app and so on - very bad. Works under OS X but not on iOS. Never mind, it's ok if i could save atm the port 587.


Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Still the same...
    Port 465 changes also back to 25.

    My provider @ home needs port 25, ever other port won't work.
    Outside i have to use port 465 or 587, but these ports don't be saved - i could only send 1 mail (wich is currently pending to send) after change the settings.