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I've enabled my iCal to accept Google cal events. However I want to sync the other way and have iCal events in my Google cal. Is that possible?

iBookG4/iMacG5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I am trying to do the same thing but not having any luck...
    I set each calendar in ical to share with specific people but I have no idea what has to be done on the google end of things to make it work.
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    I was successful in doing that. As a matter of fact, it works on my iPhone just as well. Anything you do either on iCal or the phone synchs right away with the google cal. What you need to do is search google help for CalDAV. you could search for keywords such as syncing with ical or something along those lines.
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    I can set my ical preferences to sync from google to ical, but it does not sync from ical to google. Do I need to set something specific? I am adding the google account under preferences in ical using the google.com/calendar/dav... command.
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    An explanation or a link would be appreciated.....i would suggest that people have already tried what you have suggested and have been unsuccessful

    READ: i have tried google and have came to an apple forum as a last hope

    iCal 4.0.3

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    ok, so, here is a work around and a poor one at that.

    Let it be said that this is uggo

    You can upload your calendars from iCal to Google Calendar and then when you sync iCal with Google calendar you will get your unified calendar.

    ~/Library/Calendars/ <------hold all your calendar info, inside you will see something like below

    F74DLOL5-DFED-4F51-DD23-D76F00000000.calendar <-----there is one of these folders for every calendar you have set in iCal (each colour code etc ) inside is a .plist tht can be ignored and the Events folder

    inside this folder are your individual calendar entries (hope you have mostly repeating entries)
    each entry will have a similar naming convention NB the icon will display the contents of the event

    E1139521-693E-45EB-A44B-600000000000.ics <------these are the files you will upload to google calendars


    With google calendars open. On the left hand bottomish side will be a section called *Other Calendars*

    There will be a link on the bottom of this section labelled Add which is right next to a Settings link

    Click Add
    Click *Important Calendar*
    Click Browse navigate to calendar file (.ics) you want in google calendars
    Click Open
    Click Import

    You can now sync your google calendar back to iCal. Hide the calendar you just uploaded to Google calendar to get rid of duplicates.

    1. this was interesting
    2. this takes a big steaming dump on all the pretty colour coding in iCal
    3. this is only really good if you have mostly repeating events
    4. this is only an option if you can't figure out a better way
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    Well ive been able to get all iCal event to show up under the Google Calendar sync group (not using the method i descibed earlier) but haven't been able to sync back to google calendar yet......brb i think im almost there

    FYI *~/Library/Application\ Support/SyncServices/Local/TFSM/com.apple.Calendars/data.syncdb* via the SyncServer

    will resurrect your ~/Library/Calendars folder should you delete it

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    Ok, IMO the best way to do this is to.....

    Create the different calendars/categories you want in Google Calendars and then add the account to iCal. Under the delegates tab you can add the calendars you created in Google calendars. Now from the main iCal window you can easily change events but holding down the command key and click on the events you want to sync with Google calendars once done let go of the command key. Hold down the control key and click one of the events and a drop down menu will pop out, mouse over the Calendar menu item and then click on the google calendar you want to change the selected events to.


    I now only have google calendars only in iCal and NO iCal only calendar entries.

    If you want your iCal calendars to play nice with anything else it appears you have to use MobileMe as a proxy......apparently........please......correct me if im wrong.
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    I have mobile me so is there a "nice" way to get my ical to talk to my gmail?
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    Hopefully it is okay if I jump into this thread. Devices: MacBook Pro, iPad, iTouch, Samsung Fascinate running Android. Accounts: Mobile Me and Gmail. Syncing my wife's (iPad and iTouch) and my calendars(MacBook Pro) on the Apple devices is no problem through Mobile Me and I want to maintain this. I have created a gmail account in iCal and it syncs with the google account online. However, the gmail account in iCal can't be published to Mobile Me (at least I think so). I think the only way to have accounts seamlessly sync on all devices is to go to a 3rd Party solution such as Missing Sync. Is this correct?
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    That is what I want to verify that you have to use a third party to go from ical to gmail. I am using sync mate, but right now it's clunky b/c it's changing my times when I sync and driving me crazy. Also, just seems wrong to need a third party software to do this.
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    I don't know if this helps but here is what I have done.
    -set-up gmail calendar account in iCal
    - used trial version of spanning sync to get all of my iCal calendars (4) on my Mac to "sync" with (1) gmail calendar using trial version of Spanning Sync (very expensive to buy)
    - updated my Mobile Me account to "new" version with CalDAV accounts
    - established gmail calendars on iPad, iTouch, and Samsung Fascinate (android)
    -the gmail account now syncs reliably across all devices
    -uninstalled trial Spanning Sync

    next step is to establish additional gmail calendars to mirror the original 4 on my Mac and export original iCal calendars to gmail calendars
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    I have figured out that I can publish my ical to my mobile me and the subscribe to it from my gmail calendar. It's the ADD button under OTHER CALENDAR'S. I did notice that the new mobile me calendar mentions CalDAV and was thinking that the upgrade might also fix the issue, but the solution I just mentioned seems to be fine.