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I have problem with my iPad. I`ve just tried to sync my tv shows and itunes gives me this message: "** was not copied because the video format is not supported by the iPad "
Now I have all tv shows backed up at my pc, but I can`t get them back to my iPad. All new Futurama, Star Gate and many of others.. something like 70% of all my tv shows. I really don`t know how get them back. Everything worked without any problems before I conected it to itunes. I spend quite a lot of money for all these tv shows and now I have nothing to play at iPad.
Please, does anyone know how to get these files back? What should I do? I`ll be grateful for every help!

Windows XP Pro
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    In the advanced menu in iTunes there is an option to create iPod or iPad version. Have you tried using that?
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    Only thing what I can do is create AAC version (not sure what is it). Create iPad version is grey and I can`t click on it.
    I`m not sure what happend. Obviously it`s same file which was at my iPad already, and worked. I just can`t get it there again. For some mysterious reason itunes thinks that iPad can`t play it.