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Hello everyone and thx for any help that you can give me
I am just trying to use My airport as bridge between the router with internet and my pc, ipod and mac laptop.
The router it is in a shared flat where I cannot move or have access phisically the router, and I want to increase the signal reception because it is quite poor.
I have admin access to the config of the router via WEB.

I am having an old Airport Extreme A1034 (AirPort Extreme Base Station with modem - http://www.info.apple.com/images/kbase/107908/107908_1.jpg)

And I am trying to connect it via wireless using WDS to the Wireles ADSL Router, using the WDS setting of the Aiport in "remote base station". I am accessing the config of the Airport Extreme via my laptop with the Airport Admin Utility.

Software: v5.6
WDS - I add as Main Airport ID: the mac address of the router 00:26:4d:6f:1a:cb

Network - unchecked Distribute IP addresses

Internet - Airport (WDS) - MAC address 00:26:4d:6f:1a:cb - checked "also allow wireless client computers" - Using DHCP

For the moment I set the Wireless Secuirty as: Not Enable, but I would like to put later on when it works as WEP

Channel: 13
mode: 802.11b/g compatible


In the admin configuration are disable the MAC filters, but the firewall is on.
I activated the WDS config that was disabled.

Numbers of DHCP Clients: 2
Runtime Code Version: 0.10.009 (Feb 5 2009 12:05:43)
Boot Code Version: 64M-V0.02
ADSL Modem Code Version:
LAN MAC Address: 00-26-4D-6F-1A-CB
Wireless MAC Address: 00-26-4D-6F-1A-CB
WAN MAC Address: 00-26-4D-6F-1A-CC
Hardware Version: 01A
Serial Num: J011064437

Mode: G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
Download: 13236 Kbps.
Upload: 723 Kbps.
WAN IP: XX.78.181.251
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: xx.78.176.1
Primary DNS: xx.62.229.131
Secondary DNS: xx.62.229.132

(the xx are for not shown the IP)


IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Server: Enabled
UPnP: Enabled

Doing so I don't have internet connection if I connect to my airport express. Can you help?


Airport Extreme A1034, Other OS