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ali.taleb Level 1 (0 points)
What is the best file compression software on Mac OSX in terms of both user-friendliness and performance?
  • Donald Palmer Level 4 (2,170 points)
    I know this might be too simple, but how about the .zip program that is built in the system?
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    How much compression is needed?

    For basic compression, Select Items->Right Click->Compress Items works quite well.

    If you need a higher compression rate, then Stuffit or Stuffit Deluxe will work quite well.
  • Donald Palmer Level 4 (2,170 points)
    Original File size 16mb
    Mac built in compression 7.2mb
    DropStuff compression 6mb

    Looks to be about 12% additional compression at a $79.99 retail cost.
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    Yes indeed. Thats why I recommended Stuffit and not Dropstuff.
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    Ignore my previous comment, was being a- object that would be better left undescribed on the apple support forums. Dropstuff is an alias for Stuffit.
  • Donald Palmer Level 4 (2,170 points)
    no problem,

    The commercial set is Stuffit, DropStuff and Stuffit Archive Manager.
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,685 points)
    Stuffit Deluxe's native .sitx archives make the smallest files. You can even set the compression rate. Smaller will take more time, but of course, saves more space. It's all I and my client's use. It even compresses .jpg images quite a bit, whereas .zip does almost nothing to them.

    There are drawbacks to all formats, though. Zip and Stuffit both do a lousy job on video files. RAR will usually cut the size down by at least half. But the only way to create RAR files on the Mac is through the Terminal. It astounds me that no one has come up with an OS X native application for this. Or that Stuffit hasn't added it to their choices. Stuffit can open RAR files, so they obviously know how the compression scheme works. Why not add the option to create them?

    As far as someone opening the Stuffit files you create? All a person needs to do is download the free Expander if they don't own Stuffit Deluxe or Standard.