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I have recently bought macbook pro in april and I accidentally spilled coke on my keyboard today. I used dryer to dry out my keyboard. But I think it has affected my keyboard. I can feel the keys are not working properly when I type. What should I do? Please help me. My laptop is brand new and I feel so sorry.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Read this for an overview of the consequences of a liquid spill:


    The article is obviously intended to attract business for TekServe itself, but it is a very fair satement of what spills can do and what needs to be done about them, regardless of who actually does it.

    The enormous amount of sugar in a Coke will not evaporate away, but will remain where it is unless cleaned up. It will make your keys stick, attract insects, and by drawing moisture out of the air whenever the humidity is relatively high, it will promote corrosion of any metal with which it is in contact. The acidity in the Coke will give the corrosion a head start. Your machine needs to be completely disassembled and have all damaged parts cleaned or replaced. If you had only spilled water on it you might have gotten off more easily, but there is hardly anything worse that can be spilled into a computer than a sugary soda. Fruit juice is probably the closest contender.
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    I am not sure on how to remove battery or any component since the new mac book pros are packed internally. Hence, I did not clean any components and just turned it on. It is on since 10 hours after the spill. Do you think it has done any damage? Should I take my laptop to local store. I live in Gainesville, Florida and Tekserve is not here.
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    Yes, you should turn your machine off, disconnect it from AC power, and take it to the nearest Apple Store or Apple authorized service provider ASAP. Expect a hefty bill.