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KiwiAdventure Level 1 (5 points)
I changed an email address in my contacts but the old email address and the new email address comes up when using mail. How do you deleted the old email address so it never comes up again on the iPad mail.

Iphone 3g, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro 13", ipad 16, ipad 64
  • TeenTitan Level 4 (2,410 points)
    home, settings, "mail, Contacts Calendars"
    then touch the account you want removed, then touch delete account
  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 (5 points)
    Thanks for the reply but it's not what I'm trying to ask.
    When I have changed one of my contacts email address the old email address keeps coming up when writing a new email to this contact. I only require the new email address to come up.
  • Arthur Jacks Level 1 (65 points)
    Would it be simpler to remove the contact as described above and then add as a new contact with the up to date email information ? There is probably a more elegant way but the above would work.
    Ps I have just been to my contacts on the iPad selected a contact, at the bottom of the page is an edit button, click that and delete, amend or add further information for that particular contact, click done to finish.

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  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 (5 points)
    I deleted the contact completely and went to mail and still both his email address's come up due to the iPad has a memory.
    On a standard computer you can right mouse click and this will delete the email address out of the memory for good but not the iPad
  • Arthur Jacks Level 1 (65 points)
    I have just been to my contacts and deleted a no longer used contact as an experiment, I clicked edit then scrolled right to the bottom of the page, clicked delete contact and back to the top clicked done.
    I opened a new mail page and searched for the deleted contact and it was gone completely.
    It would be worth checking if you have a duplicate entry for your contact in a different group, I have several duplicates in my ' all contact ' selection due to various syncing efforts with iTunes. You maybe deleting the entry in one group but the mail program may be using the contacts from another group.
    If all else fails you could amend the entry on your computer and the resync.
  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 (5 points)
    Done all of the above and even done a restore and still have the extra email address in the memory. This only happens once you use the email address and it logs into the mail memory.
    My mobile me is up to date as well
    I'll have to ring apple next week.
  • Arthur Jacks Level 1 (65 points)
    Sorry can't offer any more suggestions, following your post I went back to my contacts to check if the deleted contact had reappeared but it had not, I would be interested in knowing how you solve this once you have been in touch with Apple, please will you post a follow up on this thread ?
  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 (5 points)
    will do
  • oric1sg Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same issue too. Would love to know how to remove those extra/unwanted email addresses from the cache too.

    This issue has nothing to do with the Contact app. If you received an email from someone who is not on your Contact list and when you replied to that person, next time his email address will automatically saved in your iPad memory and I'm trying to get rid of it but can't seems to find a way to do it. For your info, this address does not appear anywhere in my Contact list.

    Let me give an example. If I received an email from and I if replied, this email address will be in my iPad memory even though I switches off or soft reset my iPad.

    Now If I have a friend email in my Contact, and if i go into my email app and pressed "T", and will both appeared under the drop down list. The question is, how can I get off my iPad for good?

    I believe KiwiAdventure is having this same issue as me too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 (5 points)
    Just got off the phone with Apple and there is no way to delete old email address. Apple has advised they did not know about this and will look at adding this to an iPad update later.
  • oric1sg Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for the update, Kiwi
  • Arthur Jacks Level 1 (65 points)
    In the last two weeks I have contacted many companies about obtaining tyres, I emailed, they replied and I replied to their response if you understand what I mean ! not new mails each time, following this thread I thought I would see what happened if in the iPad mail app I typed in the first letter of the relevant companies, none of them came up only my regular contacts starting with that letter.
    I tried two old contact names, I just tried the first letter of their names and up popped their name, I went to my contacts app on the iPad and deleted the two contacts, I then reopened the mail app, again typed in the first letter but this time they were not there.
    I do not understand but just thought it may be of interest.
  • cliff45U Level 1 (0 points)
    It is really quite easy. Just open mail and go to the Window pull down menu and look for Previous Recipients List. Once that is open you can see all the email addresses that have been cached by the Mail program. Delete which ever ones you want and you'll never see them again!! Let me know if you have any problems.
  • oric1sg Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks Cliff but it didn't work for me

    I open the mail app but where is the "Window pull down menu"? I don't seems to find it.

    Perhaps you can provide some screenshots?
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