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  • Jeremy Bohn Level 2 (300 points)
    Cliff is confused and is talking about Mail on a Mac. We're talking about the iPad here, there is no Previous Recipients List in Mail for iPod/iPad/iPhone
  • Srdowd Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand your plight!  I've forwarded an email on my iPad accidentally to my x-wife by typing in the first two characters to an email address I owned. The apple software developers didn't think about the user needing to clean up the email cache bucket. Thanks Apple.  I wouldn't have made that simple programming error at Boeing!  I've been staring at that old address for a year trying not to select it when forwarding mail to one of my other accounts. The addreses start out with the first 3 characters being the same.  I'm always fat figuring it. I wonder if you could sue Apple if you accidentally forwarded sensitive information to an unintended party. Probably not, but maybe they will get paranoid and do something to fix this feature.

  • ansie49 Level 1 (0 points)

    Has Apple fixed this problem?  It is driving me nuts to have misspelled email addresses, incorrect email addresses and even addresses of people who were part of a group (reply to all) when I don't want "all" their names in the drop down list.

  • Srdowd Level 1 (0 points)

    Apparently for the problem I was having. Looks like they are cleaning up the contact list buffer as you delete them. I was getting old email addresses I had deleted along time ago in my suggestion list of email addressees as I entered one or two characters in the email to field. Nice to be able to see a suggestion list of current addresses in your contact list but not the ones I deleted. 

  • mayur.kirpekar Level 1 (0 points)

    Even we are also faing the issue. I am not able to delet the old mail ID from the IPad cache. When reply any mail I found my currupt mail ID appear in CC TAB. Even Auto CC Option is OFF. Please suggest this very critical issue.

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