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I have an iTouch running iOS4. The reason I haven't upgraded to an iPhone is because the Calendar alert is absolutely TERRIBLE on the iPhone 3G. It is one quiet little beep and that is it. I rely on the Alert for important meetings and my current phone Vibrates and plays an entire song and then keeps beeping every 5 minutes.

I have read multiple discussions on this subject so I am wondering if the iPhone 4 has fixed this huge issue?

I don't want to jailbreak. Running iOS4 on my iTouch the UISounds folder has now disappeared so there doesn't appear to be anyway to even SSH in to modify manually anymore.

I did look at an iPhone 4 in the store and there doesn't appear to be any changes. However, even if it vibrated and did it's phone ring tone as an Alert that would be fine. Anything to actually NOTIFY me from across the room.

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