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Hello everybody,

After replacing my internal HD, I installed iTunes and copied my music files from an external HD onto the internal HD.
I just copied my music folder and selected the folder in the iTunes preferences. (Probably my mistake.)

I now have got a Music folder that isn't in the User folder (but on internal HD) and a second one at user/music/iTunes/iTunes Media, where my new additions get stored.

How can I merge these two libraries? Will I loose the cover art?

I'd preferably would like to have all the files stored in the user's iTunes Media folder. But I'd prefer to go for the lesser time consuming and easiest solution.

Thanks and cheers.

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    the second folder:
    user/music/iTunes/iTunes Media
    was created by iTunes,
    even though I selected the "copied" folder as iTunes Media folder and selected the option to copy new files into it.

    maybe this is more clear.
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    iTunes prefs > Advanced.
    Set the iTunes media folder location to /Music/iTunes/.
    Tick *Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library*.
    Tick *Keep iTunes media folder organized*.
    iTunes menu File > Library > Organize library > Consolidate.

    This will copy everything in iTunes to /Music/iTunes/iTunes media/ folder.
    Make sure the media you want are in iTunes then you can then delete the files outside of this folder.