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I updated my iphone 3g to the new software version 4.0.1 a few weeks ago. I had taken over 100 photos from my iphone after that. 2 days ago I plugged in my iphone to my computer to put the pictures on my computer. When I plugged my phone in itunes popped up (the usual) and i guess it synced by itself (usualy it just adds in the new music. I left it alone for like 5 minutes to do its thing. When i go to put the pictures from my iphone i just
-go to my computer
-under portable devices i go to "my phone"
-then click internal storage
-800AAAAA (that's what the folder is called for me)
I did all that i scrolled down and the photos that i have taken after the update are ALL GONE. I was very confused so i look at the itunes but it doesn't say anything i think it just said sync complete. So i look in my iphone, i went to my camera roll, scrolled down, and i see they are also gone from my phone! All i see are the photos from before i updated the phone and a new folder that says photo library with photos I NEVER HAVE SEEN BEFORE!

Please Help me how can i get my photos back!? I TREASURE THOSE PHOTOS! Is there a free software i can use? I'm scared to back up or anything because im afraid it will do more damage. HELP ME!!

Windows Vista
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    Thee only waay I know of to get old camera roll photos back is to restore the iphone from an old backup (itunes, edit, preferences, devices, list of old backups), then after the restore from old backup, import the camera roll photos to your computer.

    Note: iTunes will not import camera roll photos. You must import them as if from a digital camera.