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I am having a problem with my iPhone 3GS and IOS 4. When checking my gmail account on the iPhone, the iPhone now only downloads some (not all) of my new gmail messages. It seems to happen completely randomly. I never had this problem prior to upgrading to IOS 4. My gmail account on the iPhone prior to IOS4 worked flawlessly.

Is anyone else having this issue, and is there a way to resolve it?



iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    I am having the same problem with all my email accounts. Gmail, yahoo and mobile me not downloading the email messages.
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    Don't even get me going about all the problems I am having since upgrading to iOS4! But, yes, I am having the same e-mail problems as described (though I have Yahoo mail, not gmail) -- crazy "empty" e-mails with no topics, no contents and crazy dates (12/31/69). They can't even be deleted! Plus, some of the "valid" e-mails don't show the 1st two lines, like all my other e-mails. If I close out of e-mail and go back in, sometimes these crazy e-mails disappear, then will reappear when I open my e-mails at another time. Plus I've noticed that e-mails that I can see in my in-box from my desktop aren't showing up on my iPhone. My e-mail and iPhone worked PERFECTLY prior to upgrading the OS, and there's no way to go back!
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    I am having a similar problem with undeletable emails occassionally finding my iPhone 3GS running IOS4... My wife just sent me am e-mail (replying to an email sent with my Mail on the iMac - with her iPhone 4) that generated the 12/31/69 message on my 3GS phone running IOS4. But it displayed correctly on my iMac running Mail.
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    i'm having the same issue. some threads just won't open. some emails just won't open. it's bugging me so much that i'm going to start using the gmail webapp. seems like the mail app is having issues.