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I just got a macbook pro 15in i7 (delivered 8/6/10) I used smcfancontrol to adjust the fans a little bit higher (3500rpm minimum instead of 2000rpm and the idle temp went from 48c to 37c) But now it seems even if I quit the program the fans still stay at 3500rpm and I cannot move the sliders below 3500rpm in the smcfancontrol control panel (the sliders are at the far left end not stuck or greyed out) I am wondering if there is any way to reset the smc on this computer to get the defaults back or even if I should.

macbook pro 15in i7, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Hi helrzr,

    In SMC Fan Control you have the ability to force a default idle fan speed greater than 2000 RPM (up to 6200 RPM). Sounds like you moved the default setting to 3500 RPM. Quitting the app won't change anything as the application is designed to overwrite existing defaults that Apple has in place as part of the SMC operation.

    You can remove the application and try resetting the SMC.

    Instructions & Information - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3964
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    ok I re-install the program (smcfancontrol) and it now seems to let me put it as low as 1700rpm. It seems to me that 3500rpm minimum is the best (not audible unless in a dead silent room and keeps everything at about 45c when browsing internet watching youtube etc) I am just a little worried about how that would shorten the life of the fans. Any thoughts?
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    Because running @ default apple controlled settings (smcfancontrol removed and smc reset) while browsing email facebook etc (fans at 2000rpm) it is a little toasty (55c) i guess this is normal for the i7
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    You have to restart you machine after using SMC fan control to let the fans return to the 2000 rpm idle speed that the fans generally hover around using the native SMC. I would not recommend trying to set the fans lower than the 1995 to 2000 rpm that the fans generally idle or you could cause internal damage to your MBP. In general - you should not mess with using SMC fan control unless the temps get really high....like over 175 or 180F. I have used SMC fan control in the past to turn the fans up when I have the MBP on my lap, but now I use a Belkin laptop caddy that has a USB powered fan to help control heat when it's on my lap. Probably better for the notebook in the long run...at least in my opinion.

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    Hi helrzr,

    Happy to hear you've been able to resolve the fan issue. Regarding the life span of the fans, I don't believe you running them at 3500 RPM (vs the default 2000 RPM) will cause any harm to the machine or the fans.

    We've got a MacBook that has served as a media kiosk (where I work) that's been running 24/7 for the past 3 years with less than a few hours of downtime (it's still running 10.4.9). The fans have been chugging along at 4500+ RPM nonstop in the process.