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Everytime I make a phone call or receive one I cannot hear the conversation on the regular "ear/speaker" I have to listen to conversation on on speaker or bluetooth only.

Iphone4, iOS 4
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    I've restored the iphone 3 times and still not able to hear conversation on th regular speaker.
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    My daughter's brand new iPhone 4 had the same problem. She took it to the genius bar at the Apple Store, and they replaced the phone on the spot. The new phone works fine.
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    Thanks for the response, looks like that I will have to wait for a new one since I got mine at the AT&T store and probably they do not have any stock.
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    I'm happy to report that I had a great experience with AT&T and Apple today. Went to the AT&T store and explain my problem, they check the iphone and agree that there was something wrong with it, they helped me get an appointment at the Apple genius store the same day, walk into the Apple store and got a replacement on the spot!!! Kudos to both of them!!!

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    Im glad they helped you with a phone still in warranty. However the moment your phone is out of warranty, their sollution to most problems becomes purchase a new phone. So hopefully you will be getting apple care with the product otherwise you will have a very difficult time getting anything done with them. Chances are the headphone port was dirty and made the phone believe there was a headset plugged in when in reality there wasn't. Pluggin in a headset or using bluetooth bypassed this.