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earlier this day my ipad was working then my dad was putting it in my room then later this day i tried to play but it didnt work i tried to charge it but it would still not work what can i do we are positive that we have not dropped it on the floor

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    Try connecting the iPad to your syncing computer. See if it is recognized. and restore if necessary.
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    I am his friend, i have talked to him and i know the situtation. So until he can answer for him self i can just tell you.

    He has tried charging it with several chargers.
    When he plugs it into the computer, nothing at all happens.
    My suggestions was also to reboot it. But he cannot acces it on the computer.

    I have no idea of what to do this problem, it's tricky.

    Does any one have any ideas?
    We would appreciate it allot! THANX!

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    Check to see if the ipad is wet in anyway. if so just let it sit in front of a fan (not a heat fan).
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    I've been coming across similar problems here. Just put it to sleep about 15 mins ago and when I returned to it it did absolutely nothing. Tried the home button, the power button... Nothing. I decided to plug in the charger and left it for 3 to 4 mins even though it was still about 70% charged. It's now come back to life and works great again. This has only happened since the os update. What the *%#^ is going on Apple? It's either an overheat safety or someone's screwed up with the os.
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    Should add this is the second time this has happened and the low battery graphic has been replaced with just a dead screen when the charge is low now... Very helpful. Not!
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    what kind of charger are you using?

    iPhone chargers are too weak to charge the iPad where iPod chargers are too strong to charge the iPad.
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    There have been many threads on charging. The iPhone/iPod charger will charge the iPad if it is sleep but take more time than the supplied iPad charger. The iPad charger will charge an iPhone or iPad just fine. Some people have reported that they need to cycle off/on the iPhone or iPad for it to see the correct charge after charging with the iPad charger.

    Jisatsu6189 wrote:
    what kind of charger are you using?

    iPhone chargers are too weak to charge the iPad where iPod chargers are too strong to charge the iPad.
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    i have the same problem. what's happening...
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    Just had a mini freakout...I went to use my iPad and it wouldn't come on. I plugged it into the wall charger...nothing. Plugged it into my comp...nothing. Then I did a reset held down the home button and power button I held it for what seemed like longer then usual but it powered back up. Kind of worrisome. The 1st week of ownership it would randomly reboot so I did a reset and full on restore (not from back up). Obviously if the problem persists I can go to the genius bar and get a replacement. But I just put an antiglare screen protector on it and boy oh boy that was difficult. Anyway try holding the home and power button if it won't boot up.
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    Further update. The issue seems to be resolved, on my ipad at least, by kind of double pressing the on/off button. A quick press or two, followed by holding it in for a few moments. Is this a new feature or is it a fault? Who knows but it may work for you.
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    I had the same problem just now, as I had left the iPad charging and it would not start.

    Try holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo from the boot-up. Thank God, I did not loose any information on my mine. I hope this helps.
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    My iPad had been in my briefcase for about two weeks and being winter, the machine itself was quite cold. It seemed dead, nothing I did brought anything up on the screen - it was blank, blank, blank. I finally left the iPad charger plugged in and about 5 minutes later the charging icon finally showed up. Whew!
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    Any time your iPad does something different or maybe just doesn't respond, try these steps in this order. Not all of them may apply. The hard reset works wonders.

    Quit the app by double tapping the home button to bring up the multitasking/recents tray at the bottom, hold down on any of the app icons in the tray until all the icons wiggle, then tap the minus sign in the corner to quit the offending app or apps. Try your app again.

    Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button at the top of the iPad until the red slider appears, then slide to the right to power off the iPad. Turn the iPad on again by pressing the sleep button until the Apple logo appears. Once the iPad has fully rebooted, find your app, and tap the icon to relaunch.

    *Try a hard reset by pressing and holding down on the sleep button at the top of the iPad while holding down on the home button at the bottom, until the Apple logo appears and the iPad restarts. Launch the app again and see what happens.*

    Other helpful tips can be found in the iPad User Guide starting on page 170 in Tips and Troubleshooting.
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    try a hard reset hold down the power and home for about 5 seconds if it works youll see the apple logo