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I have been encountering this error ** The Attempt to Burn Disc has failed Error 4450*** when trying to burn my Itunes purchases to disc, I have ruined multiple blank discs.I ran the Itunes diagnostics and everything passes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Windows Vista
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    is this typical that you cant get an answer to basic question ?.... just wondering. I noticed there wasnt much of a problem when I spent my money to purchase an album.
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    I have the same problem. I have determined it has to do with songs that were purchased on another computer (work) and then were transfered to this computer (home). Apparently they are not authorized, however the instructions on how to authorize just these songs don't work. If I figure it out, I'll let you know.
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    Here's how I got my problem fixed. First of all my problem was that the songs I had purchased in the past were bought under a different user name (and it was an AOL account, not an Apple account) on a different computer. The AOL account had "expired", meaning the credit card attached to it was no longer valid. After deleting the SC Folder as directed in another discussion the matter got worse.

    I went to the iTunes support site (http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/) and selected "Authorization" from the "Get Customer Service" list and then "Troubleshooting authorization problems" then clicked on "email us". I explained my issue and the next day I had a response from Apple. I was told I had to convert the AOL account to an Apple account by trying 'to sign in to the iTunes Store three (3) times using your AOL screen name and password.

    After the third sign-in attempt, the iTunes Store will ask if you would like to
    transition your account to an Apple ID. Click Convert and follow the onscreen

    As part of this transition, the credit card information in your AOL wallet is
    automatically imported into your iTunes Store account. From then on, your iTunes

    Store purchases will not be charged to your AOL wallet.

    If the credit card for your AOL wallet has expired, or if you have canceled it,
    the transition from AOL to Apple ID won't work. In that case, I can convert your

    account for you. Before I can do this, however, Apple requires that you provide
    the following for security reasons:

    - The billing address listed on the account
    - Your permission to reset the password

    ...as well as one of the following:

    - the last four digits of the credit card used for your iTunes Store account
    - or the order number of your most recent purchase
    - or the name of any item you've purchased using this account

    Upon receiving your response, Apple will verify your information, convert your
    account manually, and send you an email with your new password.

    Once you're able to authorize your computer to play purchases made using that
    account, you can transfer the items from your iPod to the computer without any

    Since my credit card had expired I had to send the information and they sent back a
    Hope this helps.
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    I really hpe this helps...I alsohad this problem. I had just downloaded windows live essentials 2011....I uninstalled this and the problem disappeared...Have a look what has been installed since the problem started...
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    I'm having the same problem, the disc won't burn and I get a 4450 error. I've tried the registry fixes, using different brands of CD-R, burning the disc slowly, downloading drivers for my hardware, making sure I have my Windows updates, etc. It was happening in iTunes 9, so I upgraded to the latest version and it's still happening. I can burn music using other programs, but as far as I know, I can only burn an iTunes-purchased song using iTunes. Help?