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    Ok. I tried every possible solution mentioned in this thread over the past year (and some extras). Keychain deletions, automatic date, and some of the more complicated solutions. I even, as suggested by one poster, wondered if it was my router or IP address. Although sometimes I would think a solution had worked, it was only a cruel tease, because eventually the "cannot verify" warning would come back. 


    Nothing worked. I became convinced that this is a SAFARI PROGRAM ISSUE AND OPERATING SYSTEM GLITCH that Apple has absoutely failed to correct.


    So, what finally corrected this issue? I bought a new Macbook in February of this year (for reasons not related to this). I now have an operating system of 10.7.4. No need to set or unset automatic date, no messing with the keychains, no nothing, I never have this warning. Clearly, my new Macbook's operating system runs Safari without glitches. And so no - it was NOT my router, my internet provider, anything external to my Macbook, or anything I could control.


    Pretty expensive solution if you ask me.

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    I recently experienced the same issue regarding getting the message "Safari can't verify the identity of the website"  I started by reseting Safari. This alone did not work. What worked for me was going into:


    Safari - Preferences - Privacy - Cookies and Other Website Data (here I found 80 websites that were storing data that was not deleted by resetting Safari) I clicked on details and selected "Remove all" This is what did the trick for me.


    I hope you find this information helpful.

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    Some people  are seeing the problem fix itself, I have not been so lucky and I really would hate to lose all my passwords and other information by resetting and deleting everything. I have not been successful with any other fix though (I tried repairing Keychain, changing the clock, removing certificates). I hope someone is looking into what looks more and more like a security problem with Safari.

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    ohh mate you saved me...I was really sweating there for a while...thanks!

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    I just realized the date was wrong, I changed it and it fixed the problem!!!

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    I was also experiencing the same issue, and an upgrade to Mountain Lion did not resolve the problem.  I did go into the date & time preferences, and selected the "automatically..." box, and the issue resolved.  Unfortunately, the automatic time setting is actually off by an hour.


    Surely there is a better solution for the long term.  But, at least I can get on with my work. I posted to perhaps add attention to the issue, and to confirm for others this will at least offer a potential immediate solution.

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    I looked at that. My server already has automatic set to true.. ?

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    Strangly, I have just begun to receive these pop-ups today. Just when I also keep getting scam pop-ups from "AOL" wanting me to provide billing info on Firefox.


    I dont think it's a conincidence. My date and time are fine and I cant think of any other reason for it.


    I think it's time for a very aggressive anit-virus, anti-worm softare.


    As one of the posters indicated, it is a virus or worm, or malware.

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    Hey guys. Same same. Click your time and date on the top right of your page. Make sure the automatic time and date box is clicked.

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    What if the date and time box is clicked and the message "Safari can't verfy the identity of the website" continues to come only happens when I am trying to search using google, bing etc..all other websites seem to be fine.

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    What does Apple's solution to this problem???

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    Thanks!  That helped.  I deleted certificates and the website worked fine.

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    I am having the same issue as everybody here. "Safari can't verify the identity of the website "," I have also received the same verification error with a facebook site. The sites that I get it most is with and I have done everything in all of these posts, with no luck. I have used my MacBook Pro elsewhere and the error hasn't popped up. It only happens when I am on my home network. Everybody that uses my network gets the error via MacBook's, iPhone's, iPad's ... When I use my home network is the only time I get the error. Hence, I believe that the error has something to do with my router, network, etc. Any ideas ... ?

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    Hey... I think you're the first person who is on to something here. If you don't mind, can I ask you're internet provider? I have Cox and have been seriously considering getting rid of it anyway. My sister did as she found that when receiving phone calls her internet was interrupted - especially when trying to use call waiting. Also, I think Cox deceives you into believing you might get 25mbs uploads - but when doing the speed tests online while talking to a Cox rep I never got much over 10. I'm not here to try to dismiss one carrier over another - I just want to figure out what is happening. I too have tried pretty much every suggestion here and most of the time they might work - but only temporarily. I have found that not only on my Mac - but on all of our networked tech - you have to disconnect temporarily or restart (which *****) - to get to the website that it said prior to that it was "invalid" or some other warning. I don't know why Apple hasn't done anything to fix this. I can't load my local newspaper website without a warning about Facebook and Twitter.


    So? Anyone else have some commentary here - oh - and please make it useful this time. None of us need any smart alec comments on our tech info or ability. Consider that the average user is not posting here when commenting. Most of us are fairly well informed and knowledgeable - and have probably tried all the easy methods to fix this.

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    I would like to know how long that worked. I tried it and it seemed to help, but I would have to do this constantly for it to continue working. Why is that?