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Is there any possible way on the iPhone 4 to disable A2DP?

I have the Jabra Stone bluetooth headset. This headset allows me to be connected to two different phones/devices at once, which I need since I have a work cell phone and a personal cell phone. It also has A2DP which lets me listen to music or watch videos while listening through my headset. However, I do not want this to automatically happen. In fact, I would rather disable it and then enable it when I need to.

I have a speaker dock on my desk at work and a dock in my car that plays audio through my car speakers. I always put my iPhone 4 into the dock and listen to streaming Sirius XM internet radio or listen to my own music through the iPod application. If I take my headset out of its stone charger, it will automatically begin to play the music on the headset. I do not see any way to select the output source within the Sirius application. I do not want it to play through the headset since I want to make a phone call using my work mobile phone. The good thing is if I am receiving a call on my work phone the headset will automatically pick that as the source when I take it out of its charger.

The only way I can find for this to not automatically happen is to disable bluetooth on my iPhone until I need it...Which I don't want to do, since I can't easily just enable it once I receive a call, only before I make a call.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    In a word, no.
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    Sorry to revive my old topic but really that answer is not acceptable. With so many features on the best phone I've ever used, you're telling me that I can't do something as simple as configure bluetooth options? I'm not sure if any other device can do that, but it's something I would expect out of my amazing "smart phone" if you ask me.

    If it is not possible, how do I go about suggesting it to devs?
  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 (18,825 points)
    yrrePydnA wrote:
    If it is not possible, how do I go about suggesting it to devs?

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    Thank you, I will suggest this feature. (:
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    iOS 4.2 comes, and still no simple option to disable a2dp.

    I am very disappointed.
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    Is there a way to disable A2DP yet? I just got a Blueant headset and the music is tryin to play from it instead of my car speakers... wish I could just turn it off. C'mon apple get your ish together. Cmon steve stop rolling around in your money pit and give us some new Bluetooth features Please and Thanks.
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    This might work, but not sure:

    When you connect a Bluetooth headset or use airplay, there is an icon in most audio apps and on the app dock that lets you select the audio out. Bluetooth gets selected automatically, but you can select iPhone once the headset has been turned on. Try doing this from the app dock.

    Double tap home button, swipe to far left (move finger to right). There should be a volume control and blue icon. Click the blue icon. (need to have 4.2 for this control I believe.)
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    AWESOME answer. This worked for me -- double click home button, and scroll the home bar allt he way to the right so you can see the audio device selections. I never know the home bar worked that way!
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    There seems to be a serious audio output issue where the iPhone does not want to remember the desired sound output when connected to an A2DP bluetooth device (Jawbone Era). I am able to switch my output to "Dock" rather than "Jawbone", however, every time I finish a call on my bluetooth the interrupted music starts playing from my bluetooth headset rather than the original source selected (my car audio "dock"). I have to go back into the output settings in "iPod" and select the "dock" while driving.

    This problem creates unnecessary fumbling and distractions while driving with my bluetooth device. To make matters worse, the music is always blaring in my ear after the call. This really causes a hazardous situation where I'm forced to focus on my gizmos rather than the road ahead.

    Apple dudes, this is a very dangerous problem that needs to be addressed! Please add the option of switching off a pared devices A2DP music settings. All it takes is one switch in the bluetooth device settings. Another option may be to lock the desired output.

    The iPhone and Jawbone are a great combo but this is something that needs immediate attention from your dev team.

    P.S. I would gladly accept a position in your company if you would like to hire me.

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    we are users like you. please use this link to connect with Apple.

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    Hi Barry,

    Sorry if this discussion is in the wrong thread.

    Jawbone "era" does have a feature where A2DP can be switched off using the advanced settings on their website. This is a temporary fix for anyone who is having the same problem. You will loose the A2DP feature until you connect the jawbone to your computer and change the settings back.

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    well, if you know what I mean, you can try to go to
    var/mobile/Library/Preferences and find
    I am posting this because i am worried about your personal safety:) not for other reasons haha.
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    This used to work on 4.2.1 but doesn't work on 4.3.1
    Whatever changes I make to the plist changes back once the devoce re-connects...
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    Here the same. before i could edit the but now changes that are made vanishes when the Iphone reboots.


    really dissapointing.


    It was a not really nice way but usable way to disable A2DP funktion.


    is there a way to make changes to this file permanent?


    What is the reason that apple dont make a choosebox for the bluetoothprofiles to disable some services that we dont whant to use? in every other smartphone this is possible.


    Really dangerous to change the audiooutput of the iphone wile driving the car.

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