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When I insert a new music CD iTunes says that I cannot import it as I "do not have write access for my iTunes media folder or a folder within it....." I have checked the folders and I have read and write access so what is going on.... I have never seen this before. Any ideas?

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    Did you check every single folder inside of every other folder? The best thing is to check permissions on the outermost folder and click the Gear symbol for the option to Apply to ALL Enclosed Items.

    Also...by chance is your library on an external drive? If so, I think you need to set to "ignore ownership on this volume."

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    Hi. Thanks. My iTunes library is indeed on an external RAID disk which is set up as a network server. When I open the Get Info window for the music folder, there is no gear symbol available in the permissions section so I cannot do a blanket apply but I have checked and as far as I can see all subfolders are OK. I also have no option to select "ignore ownership....". Any other suggestions?

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    See if any info here helps:


    There is a section here on "Ignore Ownership." This states that's for Tiger OS, so I'm not sure if it's the same on Snow Leopard. (And I don't have my Mac here, so I can't do Recon.)