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Hi I'm trying to create a new array in the lower controller on my Xserve RAID. the top controller has a functioning array of 7 disks in RAID 5. Everything is dandy with that.

the xserve RAID is directly connected via Fiber to a G5 tower running OS X 10.5.8

My Problem is when trying to create the lower array in RAID admin, it goes through the motions, allows me to select the drives i want to use in the array, drops down the little "creating array" box and restarts the RAID controller. However, when it comes back up, it does not show up as an array, and the lights are all green on the drives, not blue and green and amber as if it were building the array. It's as if nothing happened. All the drives have an OK status and are showing up available for use. Also when i try to use the Recognize array utility the "recognize array" button is grayed out.

the drives are 500GB hitachi deskstar drives that came out of a ciprio Media Vault. I'm assuming they were striped together and i didn't do any reformatting before inserting them. though as i said RAID admin sees them as OK available spares

MacBook Pr0 2.33 intel, Mac OS X (10.6.4)