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just bougt a brand new iphone 4
the gps won't work at all, tested a few days in a row. never had a fix.
all needed settings are correct (i think)
won't work in any application where gps is needed

any ideas


hp business, Windows XP Pro
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    Go to iphone, Settings, General, Location = on.
    Tap on the location line " > " symbol.
    You'll see a list of all apps that can use location services.
    Turn on all you want to access the GPS.

    When you are in an app that uses gps, you'll see a small arrow pointing Northeast in the upper right side of the iphone.
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    My GPS works acceptably well, not as fast as google maps on my old blackberry.

    i get good location (typical GPS 3 meters) when i'm not using the phone, but when talking on my headset, i get the 'big bubble' location. is this a feature of the iphone 4 or an issue?

    Any thoughts? i checked to make sure the Maps app was using location services.
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    iphone is broken
    bought another one and works perfect
    the first one is back in the store for repair...