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Hi everyone:

Am running the latest version of iTunes after a system crash. Most of my songs play fine, but there must have been an older album that I downloaded with an old AOL screen name. When I try to play the the song, a window comes up asking if I want to authorize the computer to play the song. I type in my password, and iTunes tells me that I need to change my account to use an Apple ID. I click on the "update" button, and I get a screen that says "your request could not be completed" because either my system date is set incorrectly or I'm not accepting cookies from the iTunes store. I can purchase music fine, however, and the system date is right, so these aren't the problems.

Is there any way I can link these old songs to my current Apple ID, or am I SOL and will have to download the albums a second time? Thanks for the help.

Windows 7
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    Did you or anyone else in this forum ever get an answer to this problem? This is my second year trying to get iTunes to play—or to transfer to another device—compositions by Steve Reich that I bought with what my iTunes programs (regularly updated) seem to think of as an AOL ID. I still have an AOL account and an AOL password, but "iTunes Store" will not recognize any of them.

    This thread has many records of the same complaint. But no solutiuon that I can find. Apple, ARE YOU listening?