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I recently had to replace my original T shaped charger and decided to go with the L shaped charger this time. Supposedly the L shaped charger is a better design, but it won't charge my computer unless I turn off the computer, remove the battery, hold down the power button for 5 seconds, replace the battery, then restart the computer. Once I do this, it will charge until 100%. After that, if I remove the charger, it won't recognize it again until I do the whole process over again. It's the same wattage as my original charger was, and it's an Apple brand. Please help!


macbook, leopard, late 2007, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Is it a black macbook?
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    no, it's a white one
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    Try resetting the SMC as described here:

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    I'm having just about the same problem. T-shaped power cord frayed due to strain, the new L-shaped cord would charge and then just stop. I kept taking it back to my local Apple licensed repair shop and they kept adjusting it. Finally, I got fed up and just called Apple. If you haven't already, set up a call with the Apple Experts. They were great. I just finished my call with them and hopefully within a day or two, I'll have a replacement t-shaped power cord on the way. Make sure you give them as much information as possible when you fill out the online form. I essentially bypassed the first person I talked to because I had already given him all the information he was supposed to ask for.

    According to one of the people I talked to, the new L chargers weren't necessarily made to work on older Macbooks and Apple's engineers are currently trying to figure out what is causing some Macbooks to not respond (or in my case, respond sporadically) to the new chargers.
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    I reset the SMC and it works, as long as I don't let it charge to 100%. If it does get to 100% it will stop working again once I disconnect it. What I'm doing now is just shutting my computer down every day or two and resetting the SMC every time before I turn it back on.

    As far as talking to Apple and getting another T shaped connector, that *****! The T shape design is not any good. I don't want to have to buy another charger (again) in a year or so due to the fraying.

    All of my other computers have been PC's, and I've never had a problem with the chargers. If mac would stop trying to be so innovative and just stick to what works, no one would have these problems!

    Thanks for all the advice so far!
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    I have this problem too, but it seems removing the battery is all that it takes to fix it.

    As long as I ensure the power cord is connected before turning the computer on or waking it from sleep, it won't happen... at least not yet.
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    Finally! A firmware update!

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    I have just replaced my T shaped charger 3 days ago and i couldnt figure out why it wouldnt charge my macbook pro (its an early 2007 model) i thought at first that it was the charger and that i was blowing the fuse in the unit (English style plug with built in removable fuse) i changed the fuse and then it would charge. but ounce i unpluged the charger it would not charge the laptop again.

    i went online and this is a common issue with other users of this L shaped charger and i checked my SMD version with is 1.5 so its up to date

    i just noticed that it charges if you do the following (Least it does for me)

    plug in the charger (L Shaped new style charger) into the socket

    connect it to the laptop

    if it doesnt start to charge ie the little orange or green light does not come one.

    put the laptop to sleep by closing down the lid till it shuts down completely


    put the laptop to sleep using the Apple icon on the top left side and scroll down to "SLEEP" and it should start to charge

    this works for me (its not a complete solution but it does work)

    Hope it helps someone
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    firmware update solved my problem