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I just got an iphone 4 came home plugged it into the computer... it says new hardware failed to install. It wont show up on itunes or dosen't even charge. Tech support is closed and I would like to get it to work asap. Can anyone help please?

Iphone 4, Windows XP
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    What type of computer are you using, which USB port are you connecting it to, do you have USB 2.0, and do you have Service Pack 3?

    What version of iTunes is on your computer?

    What other USB devices are connected to your computer?
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    Well i got the service pack 3 and now it works. I also realized that when my external hard drive is plugged in it wouldn't sync the phone and then it wouldn't show up in the computer. So it was either the service pack, hard drive or probably both. Either way thanks for the help.