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Hi everyone,

it seems I have run into a problem and can't find answers online.

First off I have a MacBook intel core duo on the latest snow leopard and mac software is up to date.

It all started when I had to restore my iPhone and it had some problems and got stuck in dfu mode, so when I decided to reboot it I unpluged it and went to reboot and problems started. Finder kept crashing. When I started up in safe mode I decided to save some important files and when I was done the finder problems persisted even while in safe mode. When I rebooted it would start up in safe mode and the loading bar on the bottom would get about a fifth of the way and stop, it would try again and get the as far as before and then shut down.

I tried taking out and putting back in the HD and ram as well as verbose mode. It says

Disk0s2: I/o error
invalid node structure
(8, 12827)
**the volume mac HD could not be verified completely.
/dev/rdisk0s2 (hfs) exited with signal 8

When I decided all was hopeless I tried reinstalling the os but it got stuck on examining additional disks.

If you need any info let me know. HUGE thanks ahead of time as I am writing this from my iPhone 2g and have a useless MacBook and dfu'd iPhone 4.

MacBook 13 intel core duo, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Restart from your installer disc. Do not run the installer. Instead, from the Utilities menu select Disk Utility & run its Repair Disk step. If it can repair the HD, try reinstalling the OS again. If it cannot, you can try a more powerful (& expensive) disk repair utility like Disk Warrior, which may or may not be able to repair the damage. Otherwise, you will need to reformat the HD (losing all its data) to recover.

    You should always have a backup of your data. If you do not, it may be worth gambling on the price of Disk Warrior, but remember that there are no guarantees it can repair the damage.