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Have had my iPhone and computer for several years and never had this problem until this week. My 3G iPhone is not being recognized in either Windows ("My Computer") or iTunes. I have done quite a bit of troubleshooting with no success, including the following:
1. Reset all iPhone settings
2. Tried all USB ports - they all work with other hardware
3. Used various USB cords to connect the phone and verified that the cords work with other hardware.
4. Connected the phone to another computer and it was recognized.
5. Totally removed and reinstalled all components of iTunes (following Apple support direction)
6. Ran Glary Utilities and CCleaner
7. Turned off Norton anti-virus and firewall
8. ran iTunes diagnostic - everything passed, but phone doesn't show up.
9. after each step, turned phone and computer off and restarted.

Would appreciate any help.

Dell Inspiron 9300, Windows XP
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    The iPhone will not be recognized in My Computer unless there are photos in the Camera Roll. It will then appear as a digital camera - unless there are corrupt image files in the Camera Roll. In that case it won't show up in My Computer, but iTunes should still recognize it.

    First thing to check is the sync service. Open Task Manager (CTRLSHIFTESC), tap on the Processes tab, then the image name column heading to sort on it. Then look for AppleMobileDeviceService.exe. If you don't see it go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Find the service and try to start it.
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    Thanks for the help.
    There were pictures in the Camera Roll. I have deleted them to make sure there aren't any corrupted files. Then I have taken one picture. Still not being found.

    AppleMobileDeviceService.exe shows up in Task Manager.
    Under Services, AppleMobileDevice shows up as started.

    Any other thoughts? Thanks
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    I have the same problem. However I found a quick and dirty fix for it when installing OS4.0.2.
    Btw, I use windows 7.
    When iTunes updated my system it also erased all my data.(Grr...) iPhone switches off and restarts as planned. Of course iTunes would not recognize it again and I was stuck with a piece of plastic with a sign saying "please connect to iTunes".
    After trying all the standard fixes and nothing worked, I connected it to my wifes iMac instead.
    Ta-da! There it was as if nothing ever had went wrong.
    I cancelled the suggested update and synchronization on the mac and disconnected the iPhone.
    Reconnected it to my PC and suddenly it was recognized again!
    Finally, I could continue the installations process.

    As I said initially, this is a temporary fix. I still have the problem with iTunes not recognizing my iPhone as I try to syncronize.

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    I too have this problem. My iphone 3G is recognised/detected in another computer on itunes but not my 3month old laptop. This has only been a problem since I tried to install the latest update on my iphone. I'm about to take said laptop and iphone to a local computer repair place but was wondering if anyone can help? task manger shows itunes is being serviced and shows up in processes. Any help please???
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    If you 3 MO laptop has an Intel PM55 motherboard that is your problem. There is a conflict in the motherboard firmware and Windows 7. The fix it to update the BIOS from the Toshiba web site.